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At any stage of your activities, we can assist you by discussing, developing and implementing the most appropriate tax structure
Tax assistance for your company or organisation
Do you need a hand in complying with Belgian tax legislation? Are you wondering what the tax impact of a reorganisation might be on your company? Do you need a professional view of your tax structure to ensure conformity and efficiency?

Contact our tax team and we will be happy to help you with all your tax questions. Our team is well experienced in helping small, medium-sized, and large companies or organisations with their Belgian taxes.
Building, developing, and evaluating the tax strategy
As a company, you are faced with an ever-changing environment. The growth of your company, the developing economic environment with constant innovations require a flexible organisational structure. This flexibility also implies a periodic evaluation of your tax strategy.

We can assist your organisation and team in building, developing, and evaluating the appropriate tax strategy.
Tax structuring
Tax plays an important role in every company and organisation. When structuring your business or expanding it by acquisition, merger or cross-border operations, tax-efficiency should be a priority, both on the level of direct tax as indirect tax (VAT, customs duties, transaction taxes).
At any stage of your activities, we can assist you by discussing, developing and implementing the most appropriate tax structure.
International tax advice
International tax is faced with a lot of challenges and uncertainties. New international rules like BEPS, decisions by the European Commission or the Court of  Justice of the European Union can have an impact on the business. International expertise for the best use of the tax rules in various jurisdictions and the follow up of the evolution in international tax is more than ever essential when running a business over the borders. 
Thanks to our international network, we can assist you when you are doing or planning to do business abroad. We assist you with international tax compliance and reporting, structuring advice and international mobility.
Family wealth planning
Private entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals want to protect their estate and pass it on to their heirs in the most tax-efficient way. Private business owners are not only driven by tax aspects but also want to hand over the family business to the following generation.

We can assist you in your succession and pension planning and in finding appropriate solutions for all kinds of problems within your family business.
VAT can be a threat if not all legal and administrative obligations are met, as well locally and internationally. By optimising the VAT deduction methods, companies and organisations can reduce their VAT burden.

We can help you fulfil your VAT obligations, perform a VAT audit, achieve a proactive VAT review, and optimise VAT.
Corporate tax
Corporate tax rules are changing every year and become more and more complicated.
We assist you with corporate tax planning, tax structuring, restructuring (mergers, demergers). We give support for the filing of your corporate tax return, the other tax obligations and with tax audits. We assist you with requests for preliminary rulings and give you global advice in corporate tax matters.
Private clients
Tax legislation is permanently changing and has become very complex. The tax administration constantly adapt its interpretations, as well regarding individual tax, as regarding inheritance tax and registration duties.
We can assist you with your family asset planning, the acquisition of real estate, the filing of your individual tax return, and other private matters.
Company law

Anyone who wants to run a business through a corporate structure is faced with specific obligations and rules, from the startup to the liquidation and especially during the lifespan of the business.

We assist you with the establishment of a company or branch, the amendment of the articles of association, the dissolution and the liquidation of the company, mergers and demergers, the structuring of takeovers, and all general issues concerning company law.

We create value for your organisation through:

  • Tax-efficient structuring of your business
  • Follow up of the evolution in international and local tax
  • Correct fulfilment of your tax obligations
  • Personalized transfer of your assets

Our Tax department delivers:

  • Corporate tax advice
  • Individual tax advice
  • International tax advice
  • VAT tax advice
  • Inheritance planning advice
  • Assistance with the succession of family business
  • Individual tax compliance
  • VAT tax compliance
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Tax due diligence
  • Assistance relating to mergers and acquisitions
  • Requests for preliminary rulings
  • Company law matters

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