Strong market position in the key economic centers

International clients

In their day-to-day operations and activities, multinationals and transnational companies with global operations are faced with a mixture of financial, legal, IT and operational challenges, both in their existing markets and in the markets they seek to develop.

Successful multinationals cannot make progress without an Assurance and Advisory Firm, which can rely on a worldwide global network of Member Firms, whose professionals share their language, culture, concerns, vision and business objectives.

Crowe | Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° is affiliated to Crowe Global, which ranks among the 10 largest Audit and Accounting networks worldwide and is in a position to support international clients with their state of the art service offerings fully aligned to the needs of international businesses.

With more than 750 offices in more than 130 countries and more than 33.000 employees, our network has a real global presence.

What makes our Mid Tier Network different?

Our strong market position in the key economic centers (such as China, the United States, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Central America) as well as our neighbor countries (Germany, France, UK, the Netherlands).

Each of our service offerings is fully supported by our network:

Crowe Horwath HTL

Since 1915 Horwath Hotel, Tourism and Leisure consulting has maintained its status as the world's number one hospitality consulting organization.  Horwath HTL is the industry's choice for expert professional service throughout the world. Horwath HTL is a distinct and integral part of our global international network, offering complete solutions also for hotel and tourism operators in Belgium. 

Through involvement in thousands of projects the years, Horwath HTL has amassed extensive, in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding the needs of hotels, real estate companies and financial institutions. 

Today, Horwath HTL is the world's largest consulting organization specializing in the hospitality industry, with 50 offices in 39 countries. Horwath HTL is recognized for its comprehensive, analytic and innovative approach to serving clients, whether they are local, regional or global.

Horwath HTL's areas of specialty are:

  • Hotel Asset Management
  •  Hotel Planning & development
  • Tourism & Leisure Services
  • Hotel Valuation
  • Strategic Advice

With the help of these subject-matter-experts we believe Crowe | Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° can make the difference in delivering external audit services and risk consulting services to the Hotel and Tourism sector in Belgium.

Each of our service offerings is fully supported by our network.

CHAN Healthcare
Crowe International and CHAN Healthcare have combined resources to create one of the largest and most experienced providers of internal audit, risk management, and financial advisory services in the healthcare industry worldwide. 

CHAN Healthcare provides all internal audit services a nonprofit healthcare organization might need to improve its operations — from implementing our risk-based Internal Audit Model to providing services related to coding and compliance, IT, and governance education. 

Together with our Firm’s position in the Crowe International’s Healthcare Specialty Group, this combination strengthens the ability of Crowe | Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° to help healthcare industry service providers in Belgium (hospitals, national health insurance providers, local public welfare institutions, rest homes, elder facility providers,…) to mitigate emerging risk and financial issues. 

Each of our service offerings is fully supported by our network.

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Jan Van Brabant
Jan Van Brabant
International Audit & Risk Contact
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