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Driven by your strategic challenges and your goals to guarantee the best care for your patients, we, as financial, tax and IT specialists, assist you professionally using our broad experience. You are working in a fast-changing environment with several fundings and rules. You are up to great challenges like collaborations, new-build projects, innovative healthcare, data protection (Link), public savings… We follow all of these national and international evolutions closely. Our motivated Healthcare teams, experts in the matter of BFM/BMF and VIPA will work together with you, towards a healthy organization, as hospital, hand in hand with your doctors.

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Retirement homes

The offer in the elderly care is diversified and therefore has a broad variety of fundings and organizational forms. Our current society demands higher quality care, including contemporary housing. The organization leans on complex integrated IT environments. As organizing board you should take into account the public savings, including investment allowance, and affordable care cost. With our broad experience in your sector and national and international followup of the evolutions, our Healthcare teams are ready to professionally accompany you in achieving your challenges.

Each of our service offerings:


Healthcare in Belgium covers a broad spectrum of mental health care, support of the disabled, home care, childcare, special youth rehabilitation treatment… Today all of these sub-sectors are facing interesting challenges to be able to organize quality care, taking public savings and changing possibilities for the dependents into account. With our broad experience in all of these sectors and our permanent evolution follow-up, nationally as well as internationally, our Healthcare teams are ready to professionally accompany you.

  • Improving the internal processes with support of our Risk consulting
  • Favouring decision to take by setting up adequate management reports
  • Improving the management of the information systems through an IT audit
  • Impacts analysis of the current and future financing techniques in your sector
  • Compliance with the data protection regulations supported by our IT specialists
  • The impacts of social networks, technical accounting and finance moderate analyze

Each of our service offerings:

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