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Continuous evolution of global and European regulation in the banking & securities sector impose higher capital requirements and raises numerous challenges for banks and stockbrokers. Rapidly evolving technologies have changed the client’s expectation of her of his financial service provide, reshuffling the traditional business models of banks and stockbrokers. Interest rates at a historical low level put severe pressure on the profitability of the banking sector.

Our dedicated team of specialists has a proven track record in servicing stock brokers and small to medium-sized banks that operate in different segments like retail, mortgage, commercial, wholesale and private banking. Our office is one of very few non-big 4 offices in Belgium with a full financial services accreditation by the regulator, the National Bank of Belgium.

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Increasing new regulation such as ASSURMIFID and Solvency II require form Insurance companies a new degree of regulatory compliance and a strengthened capital base. Demographic changes, combined with further declining interest rates have put great pressure on the results and business models of insurance companies. Increasingly rapid technological evolution changes the mind-set of customers who week new channels of communication and new products from their insurance company. In adapting their business model to those changes, insurers need to comply with procedures driven regulation that imposes a large burden on the required shift in their business model.  Our team of specialists is prepared to help you with your challenges: 

Each of our service offerings:


Investment funds

In our office, we have several of our partners with an audit licence issued by the regulator of investment funds. As dedicated specialists, we fully understand the requirements imposed by UCITS and AIFMD regulation. Our possible added value is not limited to assurance services, we also provide compliance and tax services to investment funds:


Pension funds

Pension funds contribute in a substantial way to the pensions of thousands of people once their active career is finished. They focus on obtaining their investment goals, whilst complying with the regulators’ requirements for proper internal organisation and prudent valuation of their pension’s provisions. Several of our partners are licenced to provide professional services to pension funds. Our broad experience includes not only assurance services but also risk consulting and accounting services:



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