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We are your partner in assessing whether your controls are aligned to your strategic objectives
Risk management
Although achieving world-class corporate governance may seem like a difficult endeavour, it does not have to be. Everything starts with a solid framework. Crowe Global has developed the Crowe Horwath Corporate Governance Framework™ to help companies mitigate risk, identify gaps and how to fix them for improved performance. Our firm can help you analyse your corporate governance.

Strong corporate governance encourages effective risk management. And effective risk management is the key to solid compliance. Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen is your partner to assess whether your controls are aligned with your strategic objectives, and also to assess the operational effectiveness of your control measures.
Risk management & Internal Control
Risks are an inherent part of your organization. The structural and consistent identification, evaluation and management of these risks we call ‘Risk Management’. With good risk management you can anticipate obstacles and threats that may have a negative impact on the achievement of your objectives. In addition, you also want to respond in an optimal and timely manner to the chances and opportunities that present themselves along the way.

In short, with risk management you recognize the reality with all its uncertainties to which organizations are exposed. But above all, you deal with these uncertainties in a controlled way which puts you more in control of your organization.
Risk management : how can we help you ?
We can support you with amongst others:

Carrying out an organization-wide risk assessment
Setting up an integral risk management within the organization.
Expertise on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and ISO31000: Risk Management.
Performing a risk assessment to set up your Internal Audit Plan.
Specific risk analyses with regard to, for example, IT (for example security, IT systems, etc.), Compliance (for example anti-money laundering legislation, GDPR, etc.), Operations, etc.
Internal Audit
Achieving organizational goals is obviously your priority. However, the way to achieve them is not self-evident. You take into account obstacles and potential threats (strategic, financial, operational and technological) that can have a negative impact on the achievement of the objectives. You also want to make optimal and timely use of the chances and opportunities that present themselves.

Internal Audit helps you to independently and objectively identify and evaluate your risks and also supports you with concrete advice to improve your internal controls, organize your processes more efficiently and optimize your costs.
Internal Audit : how can we help you ?
We can support you with, among other things:

Taking on your internal audit function in full (full outsourcing).
Performing specific audits to support the internal audit function: cybersecurity, GDPR, ISO27001, due diligence etc.
Performing a risk assessment.
Setting up an internal audit plan.
Setting up your internal audit department.
Evaluating the quality of the internal audit function (QAR).

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