Global Mobility & Transfer Pricing


Global Mobility

International employment and global mobility are increasingly on the rise. Due to factors such as tightness of the labour market, there is an increasing demand for high-quality foreign workers in Belgian companies, but also global mobility is gaining importance for companies that want to provide services or products abroad using their own workforce. However, the organizations, self-employed individuals, and employees involved in these endeavours have to deal with complex regulations, which are also constantly changing. It has become crucial to seek proper guidance and support in this regard. 

Vandelanotte International offers a unique "one-stop-shop" solution for international employment and global mobility. Our services are not limited to mere advice; you can rely on us to take care of the entire implementation of your project. We provide assistance with all employment contracts, social security documents, registrations, or practical advice needed for the implementation of your specific project. By working together in a multidisciplinary team, we are attentive to all aspects of your international project, such as taxation, corporate law or payroll. This multidisciplinary approach has already proven its value in each of our projects.

Furthermore, we have a strong and collaborative partnership with our foreign counterparts within the LEA network, enabling us to act as your trusted ally in projects around the world.


  • Total approach to foreign employment: from drafting employment contracts and mandatory social documents (link social legal), working out a split calculation, processing an international payroll to the submission of all relevant social and tax declarations;
  • Legal and tax framework for expats/impats;
  • Payroll for foreign employers in Belgium (link website payroll) and all related formalities;
  • Start-up and coordination of foreign payrolls through our network;
  • Compliance with your reporting and registration obligations both domestically and internationally (e.g., LIMOSA notifications, SIPSI in France, social badges in Luxembourg, etc.);
  • Implementation of salary optimizations and salary splits;
  • Function as coordinator of your international project.

Transfer Pricing and corporate advisory

Companies that expand their international activities through a separate entity or through the set-up of a branch create added value across borders. Tax administrations are increasingly focusing on transfer pricing rules. They aim to prevent as much as possible the shifting of taxable profits to other countries with lower tax rates. There is also more collaboration and transparency among different governments. Consequently, the risk of tax audits related to transfer pricing has increased.

As an international company, it is therefore crucial to have a consistent approach. This allows you to demonstrate compliance with transfer pricing rules in each country. The experts at Vandelanotte will gladly suggest an approach tailored to the size and complexity of your company.

You can rely on us for the following services:

  • Assistance and advice in developing a correct and optimal transfer pricing policy for your international group;
  • Assisting with a transfer pricing audit;
  • Fulfillment of necessary documentation requirements related to transfer pricing;
  • Analysis of applicable double tax treaties and their associated implications;
  • Etc.