Accounting Support in short-term

Service Description

With this service, we will deploy an accounting staff/team with skills as required by the client to support the client to implement the specific jobs assigned by the client or to temporarily replace the client’s staff who are absent for a short period due to sick leave or maternity leave.

Clients consider using this service mainly because of the following benefits:

  • Help clients to fulfill the demand for temporary lack of human resource: Using outsourcing service, in this case, is more feasible. Outsourcing providers normally have available and adequate resources to meet this demand properly.
  • Help clients to save much of effort and time: Because the lack of human resources is just temporary, outsourcing service will help clients to save much of effort and time for recruiting and managing new staff.
  • Help clients to avoid labor-excess condition: clients will not have to deal with this situation when the staff comes back after their temporary leave. It helps clients to avoid legal problems when firing or restructuring personnel. Besides, using outsourcing services also help clients’ staff learn new skills and knowledge from outside.
  • Help clients feel more secured about job quality: Generally speaking, outsourcing service providers are likely to have personnel with good-enough professional knowledge and experience as they are under more frequent training and practice. For almost companies, training is a hard job and inefficient. Besides, outsourcing service providers often have new ideas and updates as they may learn them from many clients of different industries and categories. Their advice is likely to help clients avoid risks or make the most use of available advantages.

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