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Crowe UK named leading charity auditor for 12 consecutive years

For the twelfth year in succession, Crowe has been named the top charity auditor in Civil Society’s Charity Finance Audit Survey for 2020.

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Crowe maintained its position at the top, earning £5 million in fee income from 118 clients and 100% of the firm’s clients also scored Crowe in the highest category for charity expertise. This is a position that Crowe has held since 2009 and reinforces the Non Profits team’s long-standing commitment to the sector.

The annual survey, now in its 28th year, examines the audit services provided to charities – more than 700 of which responded to this year’s survey. The result is a comprehensive overview of the current state of the competitive audit market in the charity sector. The Charity Finance Audit Survey provides an authoritative insight into the top charity auditors and is a useful reference point for charities to see who really specialises in this sector.

Pesh Framjee, Global Head of Non Profits at Crowe, said:

“Charities continue to face challenging times brought about by on-going political and economic uncertainty as well as cost escalations, funding pressures and more recently, the global pandemic. To adapt and change is key to charities in the face of these threats. It is evermore important that their auditors really understand these challenges, have hands-on experience to provide a quality, added value audit.”

Naziar Hashemi, National Head of Non Profits at Crowe, said:

“We are proud to have retained our leading position as the top charity auditor. It is a testament to our experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to supporting a diverse range of charities. We remain focused on delivering quality and rigour to our clients, while keeping them informed of ever-changing regulations, financial management issues, reporting requirements and trends to help maximise their impact for their stakeholders and beneficiaries.”

To see the full report please visit Charity Audit Survey 2020 (civilsociety.co.uk)