Law Firm Benchmarking 2022

How has your firm performed in the legal market? 

What will you learn about your performance?

This year we are pleased to be working with The Institute of Legal Finance & Management for our 2022 Law Firm Benchmarking. Don't miss the opportunity to take part!

Our annual Benchmarking provides insight into financial performance in the legal sector as well as the key issues facing law firms and their leaders. This year, we explore the emerging ‘post pandemic’ trends and will find out where firms see the opportunities and risks arising during this continued period of unprecedented change.

By request, we have split the survey into two parts to make it easier for the financial and strategic/operational questions to be completed by the most appropriate person.

This is now closed. Contact us if you have any questions.

Part 1: Financial data and finance related questions

These questions are for you to input your headline financial data and should typically be completed by Finance Directors and finance teams. When answering these questions ensure you have this financial data to hand. Data entry usually takes 20 minutes to complete.

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Part 2: Your views on key risks and opportunities

These questions ask for your views on some of the key risks and opportunities which impact law firms as well as your firm's plans for the future. They are designed to be completed by Managing Partners, Senior Partners or Finance Directors. This should only take 10 minutes to complete.

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 What do you get for taking part? 

Firms who participate will receive a bespoke
report, which analyses their financial results against others who have
participated. All data is anonymised. In the report we will also provide
further detail and commentary on your firm's performance. Our bespoke reports feature scatterplots and can be used as a catalyst for strategic discussions.

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Ross Prince
Ross Prince
Partner, Audit
Steve Gale
Steve Gale
Partner, Professional Practices and Head of Audit