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Establishing key performances indicators for charities

Nicola May, Partner, Non Profits
people writing on board
KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively you are at achieving your key business objectives.

KPIs are a popular buzzword within the commercial world and have been for many years but they also have an important place within charities, where the need to understand in real-time the performance or contribution of each activity has never been more important. With many charities facing restructuring plans, difficult decisions on which activities and areas to focus on, consideration as to where, and how much, to invest and a broad range of stakeholders to satisfy, KPIs are rising up the Board agenda.


  • Measuring your success
  • Determining your KPIs – one size doesn't fit all
  • What are key characteristics of a good KPI
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Nicola May
Nicola May
Partner, Social Purpose and Non Profits