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Our new Women in Business series explores the connection between diversity and business growth. In each episode, our National Head of Private Clients, and Crowe UK’s Women’s Empowerment Programme lead, Rebecca Durrant, interviews exceptional women in business, taking a deeper dive into their lives and careers.

In this third episode, Rebecca is joined by the inspiring, Sharon Amesu, Director SA Consulting, Diversity and Inclusion Leader, Former Branch Chair Institute of Directors and co-founder of She Leads for Legacy along with her daughter. Rebecca and Sharon discuss her exceptional career and her passion and fight for equality and diversity at all levels of business. What makes a good ally?  What makes a strong leader? Do women recognise the strengths they bring to business? How do we enact a real culture change in business? Sharon answers these and more important questions, helping you recognise and inspiring you embrace the skills and determination needed to make a real difference in your business.

Listen to see how this exceptional Woman in Business is paving the way for future generations and striving for a an equal world for all!


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Rebecca Durrant
Rebecca Durrant
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