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Choosing the right software for your businesses current and future needs

Grant Anthony, Partner, Business Solutions
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Over the past few years there has been a shift away from on-site software platforms to cloud based platforms offering more powerful and user friendly solutions.

Nevertheless, choosing the right software for your business can be challenging without in-house expert knowledge. This is particularly important as software solutions should be scalable and flexible to support your business’s journey.

We believe that spending the time to 'do it right' can save you time, money and improve employee satisfaction. 

The right software should enable you to accomplish your daily accounting tasks such as invoicing customers, reconciling transactions, recording payments, tracking expenses – as well providing insight on your business’s performance.







  • What budget do you want to allocate to your software?

    Price can vary hugely from a basic accounting software to a more advanced and integrated solution.
  • How many users will need to have  access to the software?
  • Do you prefer a desktop software or a cloud based system that can be accessed anywhere?
  • Is a mobile app something that would be useful to you? 
  • Does the software have the add on modules you will need?
  • Do you need accounts payable and receivables?  
  • A tracking inventory system?
  • Payroll?
  • Time management tools?
  • Multi business support under one account? 
  • Tax modules? 
  • Multi-currency features?

How Crowe can help you

Thanks to our experience of dealing with a variety of softwares and clients in various industries, we can help you narrow down your needs and advise on the most suitable software.

Follow our four step approach

  1. Understanding your business, needs and expectations.
  2. Shortlisting appropriate suppliers.
  3. Discussing your different options in detail.
  4. Identifying the right software for your business and helping with the implementation.

Choosing a software for a new entity or deciding to change your software for an established company gives you the opportunity to review your current processes.

Crowe can also assist and advise you in this area to ensure the processes in place are as efficient as possible.

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Grant Anthony
Grant Anthony
Partner, Business Solutions