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Tessa Law

I struggled against becoming a lawyer for many years and then qualified in my 30s and it was the best thing I ever did.

Tessa Law
Tessa Laws
Acuity Law

Tell us about yourself?

I am a solicitor – somewhat reluctantly but very happily. I struggled against becoming a lawyer for many years and then qualified in my 30s and it was the best thing I ever did. I love the deals I love the clients and I love the stimulation. That said it is sometimes hard working vicariously so I am also involved in a small PR company, an electric scooter business and I chair a listed company.

Tell us about your current role?

I recently merged my legal business – newlawslegal – into Acuity and we are called AcuityLaw. I am a partner and I lead on corporate work out of the London office with a specific focus on the creative industries – currently building out Acuity Creative as a brand which will be a one stop shop for all creative industries needing legal, business affairs and commercial support.

What are the biggest challenges you’re seeing your clients face in the technology and media industry.

There are many – for all of us. I think speed and access is a big challenge – AI is a double edged sword - everyone is a photographer, a movie maker and a lawyer, frankly. It is increasingly hard to differentiate yourself especially superficially. I see people fighting for business and clients in all industries looking to drive down prices. I have always been a believer in the trusted advisor – be they a bank, an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher. I am hoping I am still on the cusp of non dilution but I fear for those now coming up through the ranks where human interaction and advice can be replaced by AI.

Tell us about the start-up bible?

This is a tool we are developing to help people create their businesses from a solid launch pad. A helpline for start ups. The idea behind it is as a go to indispensable guide to start up life – it will contain all the contact details for grants/for tax help/for access to all of the contracts we advise putting in place to star a business and importantly it will provide access to humans to talk to online or in person.

What are the most common issues you see when clients are trying to start a business?

I have seen a lot of 50:50 disputes when two people start a business without an agreement in place; they fall out and there is no mechanism to settle or split the business. You can see a lot of money and importantly effort go down the drain in this scenario. Another potentially disastrous scenario is when IP is not protected sufficiently.

How are you seeing your client’s future proof their businesses against technology?

I am seeing a lot more advice being given and a lot more care being taken thankfully.

Looking ahead where do you see the tech and media sector evolving?

I am seeing two extremes if I am honest – big agencies buying up small creative agencies and a wealth of new agencies on the media and tech side – perhaps that really is evolution.

Having just gone through a rebrand and relaunching your website, what’s next for Acuity?

We are growing – every week a new consultant joins it seems; disciplines are expanding and I know we are seeing expansions in our expertise in the UK as well as growing our international reach.

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Leo Malkin
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