Social Purpose and Non Profits: Risk

Support and advice to help social purpose and non profit organisations meet their governance, risk and control requirements.

Social Purpose and Non Profit webinars

Live and on-demand webinars covering practical issues that impact non profits.  
Governance: the systems and processes your organisation has in place to protect and enhance the interests of your stakeholders.
  • Governance health-check
    •  Review overall culture, capability, compliance and consistency
  • Board and Trustee performance evaluation
    •  Evaluate of the board, its committees, and individual directors
  • Policies and procedures review
    • Assess policies and procedures to ensure key areas are aligned to operational and strategic needs.
Internal audit

Internal control: the policies, processes, tasks and behaviours that enable your organisation to respond to significant business risks.

  • Internal control effectiveness reviews
    •  Document, review and test design and operation of internal control systems
  • Information governance
    •  Ensure your controls must meet legal standards, including the UK Data Protection Act and upcoming GDPR
  • Continuity Planning support
    • Review and help improve your internal capabilities
IT Risk advisory
  • Review of general IT controls
    High-level analysis and overview from a risk and control perspective
  • Cyber security
    Helping you prevent data breaches
  • Automated processes and management information reviews
    Reporting on the accuracy, security and availability of your processes
  • IT strategy reviews
    Strategy-based procedures that map efficiencies
  • Data extraction and analysis
    In-depth insights about your data

Full details of our IT Risk Advisory services

Risk management skills

Having risk management expertise adds tangible value to your organisation.

  • Risk management advice
    •  Identify, assess, monitor and report
  • Risk management training
    •  Develop and deliver risk management training programmes
  • Risk management workshops
    •  Facilitate risk profiling workshops using specialist tools and techniques.
Software services
  • Magique
    Web-based software that allows you to participate in the risk-management process.

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Richard Evans
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