Legal Advisory

The law company “Crowe Legal Advisory” LLC (hereinafter referred to as «Crowe») offers you professional legal services. Highly qualified lawyers of our firm will find the right solution for your tasks.

We provide a wide range of legal services for organizations and individuals.

Services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

1. Subscription legal services:

-       legal audit;

-       elaboration of a unified system of document circulation considering the features of the company's activities;

-       preparation and comprehensive support of transactions;

-       representation of the client's interests in notary and other state bodies;

-       claims work with unfulfilled obligations under the agreements (contracts);

-       tax consulting and organization of tax planning;

-       organization of HR record keeping and consulting in the field of labor relations;

-       consulting on personal legal issues of the company's management, as well as employees of the organization (in consultation with the management of the organization).

2. Corporate law:

-       creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

-       drawing up the constituent documents of the organization, internal acts;

-       corporate procedures;

-       shareholder agreements, preparation of contracts;

-       preparation of contracts.

3. Consultation and support of legal entities in the field of licensing, patenting, certification, etc.:

-       obtaining permits (licenses);

-       amendments to permits (licenses);

-       extension of permits (licenses);

-       registration of the relationship with the author;

-       preparation and submission of applications, conduction of patent paperwork;

-       obtaining a patent and its subsequent enforcement;

-       obtaining various licenses and certificates;

-       representing the interests of the client in state bodies for obtaining certificates and licenses.

4. Registration of labor relations within the framework of migration legislation:

-       obtaining a license to attract foreign workers for organizations;

-       obtaining a work permit for foreign individuals;

-       obtaining a registration card for foreign individuals.

5. Tax services:

-       consultation on taxes and taxation;

-       tax planning (optimization of taxes);

-       preparation, support and appeal of tax inspections.


6. Representation in courts, pre-trial settlement of disputes:

-       representation of the client’s interests in court;

-       pre-trial settlement of disputes, claim work with debtors;

-       drawing up claim and other statements, appeals, cassation, supervisory appeals;

-       preparation of applications, requests;

-       preparation of a draft of amicable settlement agreement;

-       solution of non-standard legal tasks;

-       other services in the field of judicial protection of the Client's interests.

7. Consultation on customs legislation:

-       consultation on customs clearance of imports;

-       consultation on customs clearance of exports.

Services for individuals

1. Legal consultation:

-       legal consultation on labor issues;

-       legal consultation on family law;

-       legal consultation on civil cases;

-       legal consultation on land, tax, housing, and other issues.

2. Preparation of claim statements in courts of general jurisdiction.

3. Representation in court and enforcement proceedings:

-       representation in courts of first instance, cassation and supervision;

-       control over the implementation of decree, work with bailiff.

4. Preparation of a contract and its enforcement:

-       drawing up a civil law contract;

-       drawing up a marriage contract;

-       participation in negotiations with contractors;

-       analysis and adaptation of a contract.

5. Services in the field of land legislation, real estate transactions:

-       assistance in obtaining a Land Certificate;

-       obtaining a construction permit;

-       contesting land rights in court.

-       support in selling or purchasing of real estates;

-       support in leasing (renting), searching for a premise to lease;

-       acknowledgment of property rights through the court.

6. Domestic proceedings:

-       divorcement;

-       acknowledgment of paternity;

-       recovery of alimony;

-       Other issues on family matters.

7. Labor disputes:

-       reinstatement in employment (contestation of illegal dismissal of an employee);

-       collection of debts on wages;

-       other disputes related to labor legislation.

8. Consumer protection.