Health care

Crowe Network has a wealth of knowledge, experience and international expertise in advisory services to medical and health care organizations. We are abreast of best practice developments and share emerging issues, risks and opportunities with our clients from healthcare sector.

Expenditures on health is a major component of social development, which reflect the level of development paid by government or international organizations etc. At the same time, this data does not consider the extent to which core financing is evenly or unevenly shared on health for various social group in government as well as related factors.


Why we are better than others?

Our Success - is a lasting work. We learn more! We work a lot! We try, grow up and constantly improving.

In cooperation with various International Organizations, Donors and Programmes, we have accumulated experience over the years of providing services. The supervision of engagements by our highly qualified partners is our competitive advantage that makes us a best choice to clients who seek the international standards of professionalism combined with deep knowledge of the local conditions.

Crowe Network provides healthcare services, which offer deep industry expertise, functional knowledge, and applied technology to create unique solutions that address the critical issues facing healthcare organizations today.

The healthcare clients – including hospitals, healthcare systems, academic     medical centers, physician groups, and ancillary providers – have turned to Crowe Network for help with:

  • Revenue Cycle including deductions calculation
  • Not-for-Profit Tax
  • For-Profit Tax
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Audit
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Data Intelligence

The Crowe team has worked with some of the largest hospital and healthcare systems worldwide to improve performance and patient care. Our healthcare services group combines deep industry knowledge, functional process expertise, and applied technology to create solutions that help you address a variety of specific challenges – from managing the revenue cycle to assisting with tax accounting.

Known for bringing innovative technologies and thought leaders together to support and improve the performance of progressive healthcare entities, Crowe can give you access to the knowledge and expertise you need to respond to regulatory changes, improve operational performance, accelerate implementation of Projects, and more effectively manage of risk.

At Crowe Network level, we recognize that the needs of healthcare clients are often very specific and transcend the traditional skillsets of professional services firms. We have therefore invested globally in a team of healthcare experts who offer deep sectoral expertise, including doctors, nurses, consulting professionals, accountants, taxation specialists, planners, lawyers, informations scientists, technology experts, policy evaluators and others – providing us with the capacity to address the precise needs of our clients in a highly targeted manner.

Our specialists can help evaluate economic development activities to determine the most effective strategies by:

  • Promoting learning and collaboration with Web solutions;
  • Improving financial and relationship management with enterprise systems;
  • Protecting sensitive information with systems, processes, and controls;
  • Verifying that financial statements conform with IFRS with independent external audit services;
  • Financial, performance, and risk reviews;
  • Providing funding administration, subrecipient monitoring, and financial management.