Mining industry

Crowe in Tajikistan has accumulated sufficient experience in rendering services to mining companies

Tajikistan's extractive industries have an enormous potential. Although the current performance of extractive industries is relatively modest, however, the sector can become a leader in the economy in the long term.

There are rich subsoil assets in Tajikistan. In Tajikistan, there were 800 occurrences of mineral resources and more than 600 deposits have been identified, explored and partially prepared for industrial development. These were the deposits and occurrences of coal, lead, zinc, copper and bismuth, antimony and mercury, precious metals, iron, tungsten and molybdenum, oil and gas, fluorspar, strontium, rock salt, boron, ornamental stones, semiprecious and precious stones, construction materials and etc. - more than 50 types.

Being in the market of Tajikistan for more than 10 years, Crowe has accumulated experience in providing services to large international mining companies, such as Joint Venture Zeravshan (75% subsidiary of ZiJin Mining Group), Kaisun Mining Company (subsidiary of Kaisun Enegry Group Limited Hong Kong), LLC Pakrut (subsidiary of Kryso Resources Limited and China Nonferrous Gold Ltd) and ТОО «С.А. Minerals».

Crowe provides comprehensive support in such areas as audit of metallurgical and mining companies, tax and legal advisory, M&A deals, establishing, closing, and reorganizing businesses.

In addition, to benefiting from extensive experience and deep industry expertise, our approach emphasizes direct partner(s) involvement in each project.