Balancing the demands of donors with your goals

Over the past three decades, world has changed significantly and many non-state actors providing alternative support for development. The fall of Soviet Union has fundamentally altered the environment for the emergence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Central Asia in general and Tajikistan in particular.

NGOs, bilateral and multilateral aid agencies as well as assisting International donors bring emergency financial assistance and benefits to increase opportunities for regionally based groups to access a diverse range of aid and to develop stable social and economic environment through multifaceted activities in Tajikistan.

As the lead providers of audit and advisory services, we understand what the issues and challenges are both for the fund/grant maker and fund/grant recipients. Our unrivalled depth of knowledge of loan/grant funding means we have a high reputation among fund/grant makers, NGOs, foundations, multilateral and bilateral agencies worldwide and we often work closely with them.

We specialize in providing audit, review, compilation, evaluation, performance measurement, risk management, legal and other consultancy services to National and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and Funded Projects. We also carry out services for funding agencies and multilateral donor organizations. Our experience stems from the wide range of clients we work with.

The core offering of Crowe is external audit and we provide many other related services to our external audit clients. In addition, we provide many services such as internal audit, risk assurance, expatriate tax, outsourcing of accounting, requests for VAT exemptions, grant audits, recruitment and evaluations to many other INGOs/Funded Projects where we are not the external auditors.

Our office in Tajikistan has been engaged in audit and other consultancy services in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Switzerland since 2007.

Through our Crowe Network we are able to provide coverage for our clients in all remote locations they work. In particular, we have specialist teams working throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Each firm is well established as a leader in its national community and is staffed by national, guaranteeing a knowledge of the local environment, laws and customs, which is important to our clients.

Crowe expertise is the best choice for NGOs, aid agencies and assisting international donors

  • Served more than 120 Projects in Tajikistan
  • Works with major bilateral and multilateral aid agencies and assisting International donors.
  • Holds accreditation for conducting audits of USAID projects in Central Asia and is eligible by European Union for conducting audit and related to audit services.
  • Cooperated with more than 40 NGOs, aid agencies and assisting International donors
  • Offers a genuinely partner-led service with a high level of engagement.