Outsourcing and financial supporting


Efficiency - optimization - quality control

One of the outsourcing advantages is the usage of free human resources, earlier employed for organizational, financial and HR needs, for development of new areas of activity.

Our experts are a team of professional accountants with extensive knowledge in accounting, taxation and interaction with personnel who are ready to take the responsibility and become “Personal Accountants” for your Organization.

The organization and business conduct for privately owned firms or Donors funded Projects, require concentration of time and resources for solving various tasks on the main activity. Outsourcing of accounting and financial functions will help to save Your time and resources which you could use for further development of your business.

Restoration of financial and tax accounting
  • Reproduction of analytical and synthetic accounting / tax registers, as well as organization’s reports for the past periods. The purpose of this procedure is to regularize the organization's documents according to the requirements of legislation.
Accounting outsourcing 

Our services include, maintaining as well as bookkeeping and tax accounting of any Organizations with various activities. We also provide and submit all required timely reports:

  • Statistical reporting
  • Tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Reporting on social insurance
  • Other reports requested by the client

And also provide:

  • Administration of bank payments
  • Payroll calculation
  • Calculation of incomes and expenses

Tax consultations
  •       Consultations are necessary in cases of unusual or unfamiliar situations.
  • Such consultations are essential for beginner accountants, because their knowledge gained during education may be not enough for practical work.
  • Analysis of financial activity within organization, tax planning, optimization of taxes and selection of optimal taxation


Personnel management, recruitment (hiring of personnel)
  • Security. All candidates pass through accurate verification of documents, working places and recommendations.
  • Instantness. Selection of candidates starts from the moment of acceptance of an application and executes in a shortest time.
  • Comfort. Meeting with candidates in a convenient office in the center of city or in the place convenient to the client as well as at the time suitable for client.
  • Quality.  Only selected candidates will be invited to the interview, taking into account all the requirements of the clients.
  • Guarantee. Competent legal execution of the contract, labor agreement, which gives a warranty of quality performance of our services.