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The introduction of the Variable Capital Company (VCC) as a new corporate structure for investment funds, is an exciting addition to Singapore’s already inviting and competitive business landscape.

VCC HUB, our resource centre, is committed to providing useful resources for Fund Managers in understanding the key advantages that a VCC provides, as well as timely regulatory updates.

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There are no fees involved - All our resources are complimentary!
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 Our resources on VCC include articles, charts or infographics, and even podcasts. 
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I would like to learn more about setting up a VCC. Who should I contact?   

Since the launch of the VCC structure in January 2020, Crowe Singapore has been actively supporting our fund manager clientele to set up VCC funds.

To-date, we have secured over 30 VCC mandates with close to 50 sub-funds covering fund documentation, incorporation, tax advisory and compliance, Section 13R/X tax exemption application, corporate secretarial, fund administration, FATCA and CRS reporting, as well as audit services.

Get in touch with us at [email protected], to learn more about how we can assist you with setting up your VCC today.

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