Crowe International Tax Seminar 2019

International Tax Seminar 2019

Seminar & Panel Discussion

Location: Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road | Big Picture Theatre, Level 9 Singapore 068912
Start Date:

11/09/2019 09:00

End Date:

11/09/2019 13:00

Crowe International Tax Seminar 2019
Navigating the Landscape of Tax in China & India

Seminar Agenda

China and India, two of Asia’s largest economies, have increasingly become a choice investment destination for Singaporean businesses. Singapore’s foreign direct investment into India in the Indian financial year ending 31 March 2019 was the highest among any other nation, while China has emerged in recent years as the top investment destination for Singapore’s foreign direct investment.  

With an ever-growing interest among Singaporean companies to venture into these regional markets, it is becoming imperative for companies in Singapore - whether they already have a presence in China/India, or are considering to do so in the future - to understand the developing tax landscape in these countries to effectively manage their compliance risks and their post-tax returns on investment. 

Our tax leaders from China and India addressed the following:

Corporate Tax Considerations for Singapore companies doing business in China or India without a legal presence when it: 

  • Sends its employees to China or India to provide services to customers 
    (e.g. training, consulting, maintenance, installation);
  • Sends its employees to China or India to negotiate contracts;
  • Sells goods & services online to Chinese/Indian customers & delivers the goods 
    to customers there.

Key Considerations for Singapore companies that have a legal presence in China or India

  • What is the best way to repatriate profits from the China/India subsidiary?
  • What must Singapore companies take note of when structuring inter-company service 
    agreements with their subsidiaries in China or India?
  • Recent tax developments in China/India that may impact Singapore companies.


Peter Chen 
Senior Tax Partner
Crowe China

Peter Chen has over 15 years of experience in Chinese business and tax advisory and is well-versed with the tax environment in mainland China. Peter has been involved in providing company set-up, tax and business management advisory and services to both domestic and multinational companies. Peter also has rich experience in the field of enterprise mergers and acquisitions as well as providing tax due diligence and health checks for various enterprises invested in China.

V. Raghavendran
Crowe India

V. Raghavendran leads Crowe India’s Tax and Transfer Pricing practice with over 35 years of professional experience. He has substantial experience in Indian taxation matters and specialises in structuring cross-border transactions, covering double taxation avoidance agreements, Indian transfer pricing rules and Foreign Exchange rules. He also specialises in structuring taxation for expatriate employees and provides tax advice & consultancy relating to foreign nationals and non-residents on Indian tax laws.



Global Tax Disruptors

Panel Agenda

The global tax system as we know is at the brink of a massive change brought about by the efforts and campaigns of the OECD, EU, IMF and the G20 countries in dealing with the challenges of taxing the digital economy.

What started out as a project to tackle the revenue loss from base erosion and profit shifting has morphed into defining new rules for determining the taxing rights on income generated from cross-border business activities in the digital economy. This has led to some countries not only revising their traditional tax rules but also unilaterally changing their interpretation of the application of certain clauses of bi-lateral tax treaties. This has created tax uncertainties for companies operating across regions.

In this panel session, our tax experts discussed the global tax disruptors and how companies can make sense of the continually evolving issues & manage their risks. 


Sivakumar Saravan
Senior Partner
Crowe Singapore

Sivakumar is the head of tax at Crowe Singapore with over 22 years of experience in tax compliance and tax consultancy work for individuals, local corporations, public-listed companies, multinationals and financial institutions. Siva has conducted numerous seminars and workshops to tax professionals in corporations. He is a much sought-after speaker in areas such as withholding tax, permanent establishment, interpretation of tax treaties and employee taxation. 


Greg Buteyn
Director, International Tax Services
Crowe USA
Greg is the Director of International Tax Services for Crowe in Denver. Greg has over 30 years of experience in international tax, serving both outbound and inbound multinational companies and individuals from and to several tax jurisdictions. Greg is an appointed member to the Crowe Global International Tax Committee. Greg assists US multinational companies in structuring their investments and cross border transactions with countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and assists non-US companies in structuring their inbound investments to the US.

Hugo Everaerd
Partner, International Tax
Crowe Netherlands
Hugo is the Managing partner of the International Tax practice of Crowe Foederer in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), member of the board and chair of the global International Tax Services Committee of the Crowe network. He has over 20 years of experience in International Corporate Tax and advises a vast number of multinationals. His project experience include M&A, listings and international tax planning for multinationals and private equity groups.
Sowmya Varadharajan
Director, Transfer Pricing
Crowe Singapore
Sowmya has more than 15 years of experiences in designing, documenting and defending intercompany transactions. She has significant experience in implementing and managing large-scale transfer pricing system design and documentation projects in Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific, as well as defending clients in transfer pricing audits in Singapore and across the region. 

Our first speaker, V.Raghavendran, who leads Crowe India's Tax and Transfer Pricing practice, shared with us key tax considerations for businesses operating in India.
Peter Chen, Senior Tax Partner from Crowe China, continued with a discussion on the tax landscape in China, providing key insights for companies looking to do businesses there.
In the panel session led by our moderator, Sivakumar Saravan (Senior Partner, Crowe Singapore), our tax experts discussed global tax disruptors and how companies can make sense of the continually evolving issues and better manage their risks.