Value-added tax

Value-added tax

Enhance your value-added tax management process

About 160 countries impose some form of value-added tax (VAT), and if you're involved in cross-border trade, Crowe can help you maintain compliance and become more efficient. With Crowe, you also can mitigate the risk of overpayment and underpayment and avoid penalties and interest charges.
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VAT implications 

Weighing the implications of value-added taxation for U.S companies.

General VAT advisory services

Strategy & management
  • Designing an indirect tax strategy to align with business initiatives and corporate tax objectives
  • Creating and implementing a tax assessment framework
  • Developing a tailored model for indirect tax management
  • Analyzing big data, locally and globally, to understand VAT efficiencies
Supply chains
  • Proactively identifying risks associated with setup and modifications of your supply chain
  • Providing root cause analyses of systemic inaccuracies in current processes
  • Optimizing indirect tax efficiencies in your existing supply and distribution chain
  • Assessing VAT and customs aspects of transfer pricing adjustments
Overhead costs
  • Evaluating policies related to VAT incurred on real estate, telecommunications, company cars, professional services, pension funds, and other costs unrelated to your supply chain
  • Providing recommendations to address identified issues and opportunities
  • Calculating VAT recovery on overhead costs
  • Developing bad-debt management strategies
Providing customized training for in-house tax and compliance staff
Mergers & acquisitions
  • Analyzing VAT implications
  • Performing tax due diligence
  • Advising on acquisition and disposition structure
  • Identifying refund opportunities
  • Advising on post-merger issues
  • Integrating VAT processes

VAT recovery services

Foreign expenses
  • Uncovering hidden VAT refunds related to travel, conferences, lodging, services from foreign vendors, and importation
Quantifying credits on VAT inputs
  • Confirming that eligible credits are properly captured in enterprise resource planning systems to verify that VAT is not overpaid
Refund filing
  • Preparing and filing local refund claims and negotiating settlements with foreign tax authorities

VAT compliance services

  • Registering with local VAT authorities
  • Preparing and filing VAT returns and other VAT-related reports, including intrastate reports and sales listings in the European Union
Audit defense & conflict prevention & resolution
  • Preparing voluntary disclosure
  • Assisting with indirect tax audits and related audit defense processes
  • Supporting tax litigation and VAT appeals procedures

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Crowe VAT specialists can help you reduce the uncertainty around the tax implications of transactions in and across diverse jurisdictions. Contact us for support in maintaining compliance and enhancing efficiencies.
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