Information security is intellectual property security

Without the resources and guidance to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats, life sciences companies might lack visibility to true risks and exposures.

Information security management is particularly complex in the life sciences industry. In addition to safeguarding sensitive intellectual property and employee information, companies must protect patient data from the potential catastrophe of a breach.

Different types of information require different regulations and controls. An approach to protecting medical device schematics, for example, might differ from how organizations must secure clinical trial data. However, taking a reactive approach to any form of information security can leave data much more vulnerable.

What is the bar for ideal information security?

Many information security regulations are clear, such as for medical devices or patient information. However, regulatory requirements to keep data and assets secured are less prescriptive.

Although specific regulatory demands might vary within different life sciences areas, an overall approach to security should always remain current and comprehensive.

The most valuable measure of an information security strategy comes from a broad industry perspective combined with deep cybersecurity risk expertise.

Life sciences companies don’t always have the internal resources they need to fully execute their ideal cybersecurity risk management programs. By engaging external, specialized information security consultants, companies can improve their security postures.

Crowe information security services provide customized insight and support

Our consultants take a comprehensive approach when they work with organizations to understand and address their cybersecurity and data protection pain points. We have helped companies from startups to top life sciences organizations build and execute strategies to preemptively defend against evolving risks.

We can show you how your information security plans might hold up against threats and compare to standards around the industry, then help you fill the gaps.

Our broad network of specialists can provide the customized focus your company needs in areas such as cybersecurity, privacy, digital transformation, and governance, risk, and compliance technology.

Cut through security complexities
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Increase your company’s readiness with information security services

Whether your company needs a gap assessment of its existing program or support to enhance programs, we can tailor an approach to meet your specific requirements. Our specialists can help you implement a framework, build a risk register, create cyber dashboards, or evaluate the technology of infrastructure or a medical device in development.

Cybersecurity risk assessment
Evaluate your program and infrastructure for gaps that could put company confidential information or intellectual property at risk. Receive granular recommendations and a road map for improved maturity.
Cybersecurity risk assessment
Cybersecurity risk management
Build or enhance your security program, increase its maturity, and align it to industry frameworks with controls and associated governance. Establish or enhance a risk register and quantify your financial risk exposures from a security event.
Cybersecurity risk management
Medical device security
Support the cyber risk management aspects of the medical device development process and implement a comprehensive control framework so your company can confidently submit for Food and Drug Administration approval.
Medical device security
Business resiliency
Enhance your business continuity management program with a strategy supported by business impact analysis, business continuity plans, and incident response planning and testing via ransomware simulations and tabletop exercises.
Business resiliency
Penetration assessment
Evaluate your infrastructure, whether it is an entire network, specific segment, or application, and identify weaknesses by  simulating real-world attacks.
Penetration assessment

Protect your patients, your consumers, and your reputation

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Let’s shore up your company’s security – proactively

A well-prepared information security program can help your life sciences company prepare for potential cybersecurity events – and offer a much more effective response in the event of a breach.

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