Fair lending compliance is changing, and it’s hard to keep up

Increased accessibility puts your lending data out in the open, where it’s constantly scrutinized by regulators and independent watchdog organizations.

A single fair lending violation can tarnish your company’s reputation, bring down fines and penalties, and derail your strategies for growth.

We move fast. Within weeks, you can start getting insights and analysis that help you understand your most important sources of risk and how to address them.

You need an ally who understands fair lending risk management and has your back. We’ve got you covered.

When it comes to fair lending risk, what you don’t know can hurt you

Fair and responsible banking is about more than just trying to do the right thing – it’s about proving you’re doing the right things through your lending data. But how do you create that proof? Even when your company is working hard to serve everyone in the community, your lending data can paint a different picture.

Evidence of disparate impacts in lending can lead to fines and penalties, lost opportunities for growth, and reputational harm.

The only way to know the story your lending data tells is through detailed analysis founded on deep regulatory knowledge and extensive experience.

If you’re not one step ahead of fair lending risk, you’re one step behind

With lending data more accessible than ever thanks to technology, regulators today don’t even need to enter your bank to assess your lending practices.

If you’re not proactively assessing your fair lending risk and auditing your lending practices, you’re a step behind. And when something happens, all you can do is react.

So, how do you unlock the unknowns? The key is to work with fair lending risk management specialists who understand the fast-changing regulatory landscape and have the tools, resources, and expertise to make sure your lending data doesn’t contain any surprises.

Build, maintain, or optimize your fair lending program – we can help at any stage



Remediate issues and get in fair lending compliance

As you build your foundation, you’ll need program consulting from an experienced voice you can trust. If your organization is still in the process of developing your fair lending approach and processes, we’ll help you address issues and establish the fundamental elements of a forward-looking program.

Fair lending program consulting

Risk assessment, data analysis, auditing and testing, issues management, reporting, and program administration and governance



Meet requirements and adjust to new regulatory expectations.

Comprehensive testing is critical for a healthy program. Regulators expect constant improvement, so you can’t afford to tread water. We can help you benchmark against peers and review your program with a critical eye to help you keep pace.


Model validation, internal audit, and consumer protection regulatory testing



Solve problems and get your program ready for the future.

Insights from data analytics become more important as you look to optimize resources and risk management activities. We stay at the forefront of the fast-moving world of fair lending regulations and enforcement, so we can help you apply analytics tools, proactively assess risk, and prepare your program for what’s ahead.


HMDA data, non-HMDA data (consumer lending, commercial lending, third-party agents such as fintechs and indirect lenders), peer comparison, and redlining assessment

Data analytics and deep financial services experience provide our one-two punch

Lots of companies can provide analysis of your lending data. Great – now you’ve got a report with lots of numbers. But you don’t have anyone to help you understand what it all means, and you don’t have a path forward.

When you pair data analytics tools with decades of financial service experience, that’s when you get meaningful growth and change. And that’s what we bring.

Using a data analytics platform built for financial services companies by fair lending specialists, we apply regression analysis to identify statistically significant differences in your data and automatically generate samples for matched-pair testing. The result: We help you understand the story your data is telling and show you what you need to do to stay ahead of fair lending risk.

Fair lending compliance is just the beginning

When you work with Crowe fair lending risk management specialists, each risk assessment becomes more than just a compliance exercise – it’s an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Every potential source of disparate impact you identify is a step closer to better fair lending risk and compliance management and an opportunity to better serve all your customers.

Our expertise is deep, and our methods are innovative, but our mission is simple: make sure you’re informed, prepared for the future, and situated for growth.

Integrated risk management
We have deep insights into GRC and can provide the risk content and technology to automate and connect your areas of risk.
Integrated risk management
Regulatory response
Whether you’re dealing with a regulatory action or getting up to speed on a new rule, we can help.
Regulatory response
Model risk management
Be confident that your models will pave the way for sound business decisions.
Model risk management
Third-party risk management
Find out if any of your vendors present major risks for your company.
Third-party risk management
Internal audit
Benefit from a value-added approach that can prepare your organization for future challenges.
Internal audit
Data analytics
Uncover insights that will help you drive innovation while better protecting your organization.
Data analytics
Show off your superpowers.
We’ll help you implement the technology, tools, and approach to protect your company against emerging and evolving risks.

What do you want from your fair lending program?

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Stay ahead of fair lending risk and get ready for the future

Changes in the fair lending landscape move fast, but so do we. We’ve spent decades gathering expertise in the financial services industry and closely watching the evolution of fair lending laws. We’ll help you build an adaptive, forward-looking fair lending compliance program that’s ready for the risks of today and tomorrow.

Let’s chat. We’re always ready to talk about your fair lending risk, listen to your concerns, and offer advice about how you can get more comfortable and confident managing fair lending risk.

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