Keeping bad money out of your organization starts with having the right financial crime system.

A financial crime technology platform that’s been properly vetted and implemented can help you do that.  

We’ve helped banks and financial services companies of all sizes successfully select and implement AML platforms, including transaction monitoring, customer risk, and sanctions screening.

It takes a lot of time and money to implement a financial crime system on your own.

It starts with the selection process. That means figuring out if the vendors can deliver on their promises – and if the platforms they’re offering meet regulatory expectations.

Then there’s implementation, which often involves spending more time and money than anticipated. And at the end of all that, you might not have a financial crime platform that meets your needs.

Don’t let all your efforts go to waste. Work with an experienced team that will help you implement your financial crime platform effectively the first time.

You want a financial crime platform implementation that doesn’t strain your resources. 

Too often, financial crime platform selection and implementation involves being told what you need, without real consideration for your unique circumstances.

That’s not how we operate.

We won’t come to you with a predetermined set of implementation services.

Instead, we’ll go over the different ways we can help you satisfy your business requirements while optimizing your time and budget.

Cut through the confusion in financial crime systems.

When it comes to choosing a financial crime platform and putting it into action, things should be kept as simple as possible.

You should be satisfied with the result. But you should also understand the result.

We won’t just guide you through implementation of your financial crime platform. We’ll also help you understand why you need to take certain steps along the way.

Our ultimate goal is to get a platform up and running that you can comfortably manage on your own with minimal support.

Arm your organization with the right financial crime systems. 

We provide financial institutions with a broad spectrum of services to implement financial crime platforms.

AML & sanctions system implementation
Get a platform that supplies key info on customers and helps spot illicit funds coming into your organization.
AML & sanctions system implementation
Fraud system implementation
Protect your customers’ money from criminal schemes.
Fraud system implementation
Case management system implementation
Target and track customer transactions more effectively and efficiently.
Case management system implementation
Trade surveillance system implementation
Monitor potential market abuse and deceptive trading practices.
Trade surveillance system implementation
Outsourced tuning and model optimization services
We can schedule reviews of existing monitoring scenarios, test new ones, or even challenge AML customer risk rating models for your organization.
Outsourced tuning and model optimization services
Enhance your BSA/AML compliance
Powered by Salesforce, your compliance team can be more effective and your customers will have a smoother experience.
Enhance your BSA/AML compliance

When you have the right guidance, you’ll get more confidence in your financial crime system.

As you evaluate solutions, you’ll want input from someone who has the right combination of technical know-how, vendor relationships, and financial services knowledge.

Crowe has experience working with major financial crime systems, including Verafin, Oracle, SAS, and Quantexa. And we have a strategic consulting relationship with NICE Actimize.

We also approach financial crime platforms from a variety of perspectives: regulatory, technology, business, and more.

That comprehensive view – plus our deep knowledge of banks and financial services companies – helps us work quickly and methodically to get these platforms up and running. And it keeps our clients happy.