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Assurance services                           

Assurance services are essential to establish credibility and build reputation, critically important assets in the global economy. Assurance provides credibility to financial reports and business information and gives confidence to users and stakeholders who rely on this information.

Our approach to audits is to help our clients manage their growing responsibility, efficiently organise and plan their work throughout the year, increasing communication and using technologically advanced solutions.


Agreed upon procedures
Conducting the audit by carrying out procedures of an audit nature to which the auditor and the entity and any appropriate third parties have agreed. The result is a report on factual findings.
Audit of Group reporting package in accordance with the Group accounting policies

Audit of the subsidiaries companies of a Group gives assurance if the financial reports of a subsidiary are prepared in accordance with the Group accounting policies. Our service increases the quality of financial information that are used for consolidation of the Group.

Audit of incorporation of the company
Within the challenging prospect of setting up and managing a company our team can support the needs of the management in performing the audit procedures to assure that all the requirements set by global and local legislations are met.
Audit of merger / demerger
In response to the economic challenges, businesses often respond with organizational transformation. We are here to support the M&A team by performing audit procedures which require the examination of accounting records of a company to be merged / demerged.
Audit of non-profit organizations
Audit of a non for profit organization financial records assures compliance with the requirements of a non for profit principles of the organization and fair presentation of the financial records.
Audit of received Funds resources

Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with Special Purpose frameworks refers to an audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with a special purpose framework, which is a cash, a tax, a regulatory, a contractual, or another basis of accounting.

Audit of the capital increase / reduction
Our work consists in verifying related transaction and methods used to determine the issue price of the equity securities / decrease of an entity capital.
Audits of the Internal Control System (ICS), Risk Management System (RMS) and/or the Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

Internal Control System (ICS)- Valuation of the effectiveness of the internal control structure of a business organization and determination whether the business policies and activities are followed properly.

Risk Management System (RMS)- An audit of compliance with corporate risk policies and procedures which requires the assessment of the risk management model in order to evaluate whether the principles for effective risk management are achieved.

Compliance Management System (CMS)- An audit of amenability of policies and procedures that are designed to prevent or reduce regulatory violations and provide cost efficiencies, and sound business practices as part of a compliance program.

Internal audit
We can help you in designing and evaluating the internal control system in your company, accounting processes and managing risk associated with the internal and external factors surrounding the business.
Limited assurance services - review (in accordance with local GAAP and/or IFRS)
An evaluation of the financial records which involves less detailed procedures than an audit and more enquiry of management/staff and analytical review work rather than substantiating balances.
Obligatory ("Statutory") audit in accordance with local GAAP and/or IFRS

Examination of the company’s financial records in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Accounting of the Republic of Serbia, the law on Auditing of the Republic of Serbia and International Standards on Auditing applicable in the Republic of Serbia and/or Audit of the financial records which are prepared for statutory purpose in accordance with the full IFRS or IFRS for SMEs.

Special consideration audit of a single financial statement and specific elements, accounts or items of a financial statements
Provides an examination of a single financial statement and specific elements i.e. accounts of a financial statement.
Voluntary audit in accordance with the local GAAP and/or IFRS

Companies which are not legally required to perform an audit may choose to enhance the degree of confidence in financial statements by performing the audit. Our risk-based audit approach enables us to give companies detail insight into the effectiveness of their internal controls and procedures, compliance with the applicable policies. Detailed audit approach and flexible management communication gives us fair insight to conclude if the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the local GAAP and/or IFRS.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Development of a Compliance Management System

An effective Compliance management system is a critical component of the structure of an organization which helps the organizations to limit risks to consumers and comply with the consumer financial law. We are here to help you to introduce the best practice Compliance Management System by:


  • Designing the policies and procedures
  • Assist in realization of recommendation
  • Optimization of the Compliance Management System
  • Development of control procedures and communication processes
Fraud Investigation and Forensic Audit

A forensic audit is an examination and evaluation of a firm's or individual's financial records to derive evidence that can be possibly used in a court of law or legal proceeding.Forensic audits require the expertise of accounting and auditing procedures as well as expert knowledge about the legal framework of such an audit.

Our forensic services cover:


  • Forensic special investigations
  • Forensic data analyses
  • Recommendations for the optimisation of your organisation
  • Implementation of preventative measure and control systems

Benefits of an audit

Purpose of the audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users of the financial statements:

  • Higher quality information which is more reliable improving the reputation of the market
  • Independent scrutiny and verification that is valuable to the management
  • Reduces the risk of the management bias, fraud and error by acting as a deterrent. An audit may also detect bias, fraud and error
  • Enhance the credibility of the financial statements, e.g. for tax authorities or lenders
  • Deficiency in internal control system may be highlighted by the auditor

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