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Transparency Report

This reports reaffirms our commitment to transparency and openness with clients, demonstrating our member firms’ dedication to audit quality.

Our Transparency Reports are one of the ways we demonstrate to clients and stakeholders our dedication and commitment to audit quality. It confirms our openness to continued development and the actions we take to advance our services, develop our people and create a positive impact on our community.

The Reports includes information on:

  • how we ensure our members achieve the audit quality standards expected of a leading global professional services network
  • our legal structure and governance
  • the support we provide to Crowe member firms to help in their delivery of high-quality services
  • the investment we make in our people and foundations we lay for our future leaders
  • details of quality control, independence and education support services that we provide

At Crowe, we understand the value of clarity to our stakeholders and strive to provide this at every opportunity.

Transparency Report 2020
Transparency Report 2019