Our Audit Process

Crowe RS delivers audit services with the necessary deep industry expertise and functional specialization.

Crowe RS delivers audit services with the necessary deep industry expertise and functional specialization, combined with the ability to drive continuous improvement through technology and innovation. We do not just work with the finance department, we will engage with all your operations.  

Our audit will add value. We will bring a new and different perspective on accounting, financial tax and operational issues. 


Our methodology focuses on the underlying transaction data that's most important to financial reporting. The principle at the heart of our audit is simple yet powerful: the belief that and auditor’s judgment about the financial statements must be grounded in an intimate knowledge of your business and industry. We identify errors, potential traps, and area of risk earlier so we can address them sooner. 


Crowe RS has adopted quality control policies and procedures that apply the requirements of the standards and guidance issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). Crowe RS applies the Code of Ethics issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA).


We create an effective workflow and exchange of information which allows us greater flexibility of data intake to help minimize disruption of client operations. We will gain a balanced perspective from discussions with management of all departments. It is this understanding that drives our approach and enables us to deliver the assurance and added value you expect.


Clear, centralized communication and information sharing improves the audit process and helps create smooth exchange and tracking of information between an organization and its Crowe auditors.  Our audit process, and more importantly the experience within our designated audit team, is deeply rooted in the philosophy of transparency, hence a ‘no surprises’ audit is our second nature.