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Construction industry
Our industry-focused professionals are offering deep specialization and experience and keeping abreast of the latest regulations, standards, and trends affecting the industry.

We know marketplace and we take the time to understand the real risks facing the industry

First it has to be built; then it can be used to make money. That’s the relationship between construction and real estate, and with clients at all stages in the process, Crowe RS operates with a deep knowledge of both. Many issues – the tight surety market, finding and keeping key people, a poor project overtaking a good year, and increased scrutiny of financial reporting – can pull you away. Successfully managing the growing risks and complexity in this industry is an ongoing challenge.

Crowe is a reliable provider of assurance and advisory, taxation and business advisory services to commercial and residential real estate owners, developers, operators, management companies and other mid-sized and family-owned real estate enterprises in Serbia. We help investors by implementing proper management of financial risks and costs, knowledge of regulatory requirements and other details related to the real estate market.

Our clients in the construction sector range from developers to design-build and construction companies. With financial blueprints, audit, deferred taxation strategy and other profit enhancing measures, we help those clients find innovative ways to overcome industry obstacles so they can meet their business goals.