Doing business in Serbia

Discover your business opportunities and invest in Serbia

Doing business in Serbia

Discover your business opportunities and invest in Serbia

Serbia is country with good strategic position, adequate infrastructure and great human resource potential. Over the past years Serbia has transformed to a stable growing economy with low inflation and thus became one of the leading investment locations in CEE attracting billions of foreign direct investments.


Why is it worth investing in Serbia?

Investing in Serbia

Serbia has grown into one of the premier investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe. A list of leading foreign investors is topped by world-class companies and banks such as Fiat, Telenor, Stada, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Gazprom, Siemens, Intesa Sanpaolo, He Steel etc. The economy of Serbia is experiencing rapid growth (4.4% in 2018 - highest growth rate in a decade, and 4.2% in 2019, while EU average is around 2%) which with a stable national currency and inflation rate in EU level gives good macroeconomic stability.

Strategic location

For those who want to start and expand their business in CEE and SEE, Serbia is a place to be: a natural gateway between South East Europe, Western and Central Europe, positioned at the intersection of Pan European corridors no.10 and no.7, the proximity of the Adriatic Sea and a well-developed transportation network make Serbia a location that offers great accessibility.

Market potential

Serbia offers huge market potential to all those who invest here. This includes, first and foremost, the possibility of duty-free exports for a large number of products to the markets of the European Union, Russia and South-East Europe as well as the USA.

Human capital

Highly educated people, fast receptive to new technologies, especially IT, well-versed in foreign languages, and also a great availability of skilled and productive work force with a wealth of experience represent Serbia’s true capital.


The tax regime in Serbia is set to be the most favorable one in the region: with the corporate profit tax set at 14%, tax deductions for investing in fixed assets, SME’s, state subsidies for creating new jobs, a 10-year tax holiday for investments over 10 million EUR, and creation of more than 100 new jobs, various tax exemptions and other incentives.


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