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IT Consulting

We specialize in consultancy services for the selection, implementation and maintenance of ERP, BI, CRM and ECM systems.

IT Consulting


We support entrepreneurs in designing and optimizing processes and IT security tools. Choosing the right tool, the quality of its implementation, as well as the optimization of IT processes have a direct impact on the financial results of a company and the effectiveness of its operation.


The Crowe consulting team has carried out a number of consulting projects related to the selection and implementation of IT systems, as well as outsourcing of solutions which are still maintained on our servers and managed by a team of experienced experts.

IT Consulting – range of the service:

  1. Consultancy on the selection, implementation and maintenance of IT systems
  2. IT project management
  3. Support for clients in concluding contracts with IT suppliers
  4. Administration of ERP systems
  5. Hosting of IT solutions in SaaS or IaaS dimension
  6. IT security audit

IT Consulting - stages of the service:

  1. The audit of:
    • Business requirements of the entire company
    • Business needs of the whole company
    • Information and Communication Infrastructure
    • Information Security
    • Software/Licence
    • Maintenance and licence agreements - maintenance agreements
    • Compliance with ITIL/TOGAF Best Practices
  2. Analysis and optimization of business processes in areas subject to implementation of the IT system and IT processes
  3. Developing functional and non-functional requirements for IT systems
  4. Support in choosing ERP, BI, CRM, ECM solutions
  5. Development and management of RFI (Request for information) or RFP (Request for proposal) processes
  6. Implementation/parameterization of modules or ERP/CRM systems
  7. Maintenance and ongoing support for implemented solutions
Support in choosing ERP, BI, CRM, ECM systems
We do know that choosing the right IT system is a big challenge for every entrepreneur. That is why we offer the support and advice of qualified experts who, thanks to their experience based on continuous analysis of the IT market, will help to choose a solution tailored to the company's needs. Our approach includes analysis of business processes which are to be supported by the IT solution, preparation of functional and non-functional requirements and selection of the systems from the market which will guarantee the most efficient execution of processes and meeting client's expectations. We also examine the potential of suppliers, verifying their financial standing and resources.
Development and management of RFI (Request for information) or RFP (Request for proposal) processes
This service, apart from the actions described in the section Support in choosing ERP, BI, CRM, ECM systems, includes the development of tender documentation, requests for proposals and workshops with the suppliers. In the next steps, we evaluate suppliers and recommend the selection of an implementing partner and the requested IT solution. In the final stage, we support the client in negotiating the content of the offer concerning the provisions of implementation and maintenance contracts.
Implementation of ERP, BI, CRM, ECM systems
Once an IT system has been selected, it is necessary to implement it properly. Companies do not always have resources available for the system implementation process, which in many cases will cover 100% of their working time. Appropriate involvement of resources on the part of the client during the entire implementation project is a guarantee of a success.

Our consultants can support clients' implementation teams, providing help with analyses, trainings, tests, and functionality acceptance delivered at each stage of the project implementation. They can become leaders of such teams and support organizations in reporting the status of project implementation to their management boards.

Maintenance of ERP, BI, CRM, ECM systems
Implementation of ERP, BI, CRM or ECM IT system is just the beginning. Not all users have already mastered the implemented system, therefore it is necessary to provide internal trainings, develop job instructions and supplement the functionalities not yet implemented. Many functional or performance requirements appear after implementation. These require additional analyses, and we also support our clients in this respect. All this involves constant contact with the implementing partner and simultaneous coordination of many activities. Our consultants will help to support the company's IT departments after the system implementation, ensuring smooth operation of the new system and guaranteeing that it will be constantly developed and adjusted to the organization's needs and the changing business environment.
IT project management
Under the IT project management service, our certified Project Managers carry out projects on behalf of our clients. Depending on client`s expectations, our Project Managers can also join Steering Committees and support the executives in strategic project management. We can also work in waterfall (PRINCE2, PMBOK) or agile (SCRUM) methodologies, if required.
Information security
As part of this service, we analyse data security by verifying the client's ICT infrastructure, e.g.:


  • Organisation of the server room (access, power supply protection, fire protection)
  • Methods of storing data on disks and the backup system
  • Network and subnetworks
  • Firewall devices
  • WAN, Internet access, backup connections
  • Active Directory service - scope of implementation
  • Management of resources and individual applications
  • Password management (validity), length, capital letters, digits, special characters)
  • GDPR compliance

We also provide audits of the information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 27001. Our auditors carry out broad reviews of the ISMS and verify at least 114 safeguards required by the standard.

Compliance with regulations and guidelines

Acting on an interdisciplinary basis, we check the company's compliance with guidelines and regulations. Additionally, we provide services in the implementation of regulations and procedures and monitor their execution. We provide our clients with support and advice on compliance with:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • SOX
IT systems validation
  • We help to verify whether a computer system adequately supports business processes
  • We assess the compliance of the system with company policy, strategy and organisational culture
  • We validate the compliance of an IT system with legal requirements.

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