Global Business Network 

Global Business Network


Global Business Network

We are part of the Crowe Global international advisory network, which brings together experts from 146 countries around the world. 

Crowe Global Business Network links international expertise in providing services based on best global practices with the ability to solve business problems within a highly integrated network.

Our offer is addressed to companies operating internationally as well as to those who would like to explore opportunities for growth in new markets.

Crowe Global Business Network offers:

  • access to knowledge and experience from different world markets,
  • integration and coordination of services for different locations in one place,
  • providing comprehensive legal and economic services for most world markets,
  • ·optimization of direct foreign contacts which reduces communication costs and the time needed to find solutions,
  • reducing the time needed to carry out the activities by taking advantage of the expertise,
  • access to international databases and business networks,
  • benefiting from the familiarity with local markets and macro-economic conditions of a given region.

Having integrated industry experience Crowe Global Business Network offers solutions within a global network of advisors for building competitive advantage in a dynamic, demanding and highly competitive market.

Crowe Global Business Network - scope of the services:

  • analysis of the market and the socioeconomic situation of the region,
  • strategy for internationalisation and feasibility studies to start and operate on a given market (export/production),
  • identification and assistance in establishing cooperation with business partners,
  • economic and financial Due diligence of entities to be taken over,
  • international audit,
  • analysis of legal terms and conditions to operate on the territory of a given country together with opening and running an office abroad.

Entering foreign markets is an important aspect of the business operations for many companies, and at the same time it is an inevitable direction of development. Crowe Global Business Network's detailed expertise, practical experience and access to the world's best solutions to business problems all contribute to providing clients with efficient support in these processes.


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Jacek Włodarczyk
Jacek Włodarczyk
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