Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing

The obligation to prepare transfer pricing documentation applies to an increasing number of entities. At the same time settlements between related parties enjoy growing interest of tax authorities. Every year, the legislator introduces new amendments and the existing regulations become more restrictive and ambiguous. New requirements, broadening of the definition of relations, frequent inspections and increased sanctions make the obligation to prepare transfer pricing documentation a considerable challenge for a number of companies, requiring a lot of knowledge and experience.

Transfer pricing documentation

To meet the growing needs of the market, Crowe's team of experts has prepared a package of services including comprehensive support and advice for companies in drafting transfer pricing documentation and comparative analyses. Our advisors will not only help to eliminate tax risks by drafting documentation fully compliant with statutory requirements, but will also advise on the choice of transfer pricing policy tailored to the individual needs and structure of a given capital group and specific multinational enterprise.

Transfer pricing policy

It is worth emphasizing that in addition to risk mitigation, a well-thought-out transfer pricing policy can help to achieve business objectives across the entire capital group and thus can become a tool for conducting effective and efficient business operations.

Transfer pricing - scope of the services:

  • Drafting complete transfer pricing documentation
  • Adaptation of existing transfer pricing documentation to Polish requirements
  • Advisory services for the development and implementation of transfer pricing policy
  • Drafting comparative data analysis (so-called benchmarking analysis)
  • Verification of transfer pricing activities
  • Support for the development of a transfer pricing policy describing the settlement rules applied in a group of related entities and its implementation in the organization
  • Advisory services in the case of tax inspection and conducting proceedings concerning the pricing agreements concluded with tax authorities
  • Educational activities: workshops and trainings on transfer pricing

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Transfer pricing

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