The Polish Order. Is it somehow possible to escape from it?

The Polish Order. Is it somehow possible to escape from it?

The Polish Order. Is it somehow possible to escape from it?
The Polish Order does not enjoy favourable opinion among entrepreneurs, and although there are no specific acts yet, a lot of companies are already wondering how they can escape from it and thus improve their situation.

The Polish Order has not yet been written down, but more and more companies are wondering whether there is any sense at all in continuing to grow their businesses as economists warn that high inflation and higher taxes await us in the coming years. Some entrepreneurs are considering moving their business to another country, including the Czech Republic, but in practice this may not be as easy as it first seems.

There are many people who are convinced that in order to "move" their tax returns abroad and benefit from more favourable rules, it is enough to register a company there, and the business can be done from Poland. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It must be remembered that in order to be recognised as a Czech tax resident, for example, one must have a permanent place of residence [this may be a lease], with the intention to live in the country permanently, or to stay in the country for at least 183 days over a period of 12 months - explains Agata Nieżychowska, Director of the Tax Advisory Department at Crowe Poland, in an interview for the business magazine My Company Polska.


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Agata Nieżychowska
Agata Nieżychowska
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