anti-crisic programme crowe

The anti-crisis programme - the most important changes

anti-crisic programme crowe
The government has announced details of an anti-crisis package for companies. The total value of aid for the economy will amount to PLN 211 billion. The aim of the discussed changes is to limit the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Polish companies and employees.

Anti-crisis programme - what may change in taxes?

  • possibility of postponed the deadlines CIT, PIT, VAT and ZUS payments without a pro-longation fee
  • possibility to deduct the loss for 2020 from the income derived in 2019
  • postponement of the entry into force of the VAT Standard Audit Files – VAT JPK  (from 1.07 instead of 1.04)
  • postponement of the deadline for PIT submission

Companies affected by the virus pandemic will also be able to count on:

  • increase of BGK's guarantee for companies up to 80% of the loan value
  • solutions supporting liquidity,
  • non-refundable loans up to PLN 5 thousand for small companies, if they do not dismiss employees within 6 months.
  • refinancing of leasing contracts (for the transport sector)

Support for employees:

  • coverage of 40% of employees' salaries up to the average salary (for companies that meet the conditions set out in the package),
  • payment of up to 80% of the minimum wage for self-employed persons,
  • extension of care allowance for children up to 8 years old in the case of prolonged closing of schools, kindergartens and nurseries
  • automatic extension of visas and work permits for Ukrainian employees

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