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The robotization of processes increases their efficiency and generates savings which may reach up to 90% of their implementation costs. This improvement can be achieved in a short period of time and without the implementation of complex projects.

Robotization - what kind of processes?

Any process in which a computer programme can copy repetitive employee operations for which no extra decisions are required can be robotized.  These include primarily accounting, sales, personnel, debt collection, control, marketing and reporting processes.

Examples of robotization

Robotization can be implemented quickly in the following processes:

  • accounting of invoices and transfers,
  • personalized content mailing,
  • -verification of website information,
  • reporting the status of processed issues,
  • HR and personnel issues management

The use of robots allows for accurate reproduction of human operations, and at the same time it significantly boosts process productivity and eliminates errors.

Robotization - free-of-charge consultations

In which areas of your company can robotization be implemented?

  • we will analyse the processes of a company and choose the ones in which robotization can bring the greatest benefits,
  • we will estimate the level of potential savings for a company,
  • we will present the most suitable robotization solutions for a company and estimate the cost of their implementation,
  • we will calculate the return on investment (ROI) to show when a company will start earning on a virtual employee.


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Process Robotization

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