VAT, customs, Brexit, Crowe

Brexit - VAT and customs the most troublesome areas for business

VAT, customs, Brexit, Crowe
More than 37 per cent of UK and European businesses have felt the effects of Brexit more than expected, and the areas in which business has experienced the biggest changes, according to the Crowe survey, are VAT and customs.

Brexit has left companies facing new challenges of which they were previously unaware. From the information we receive from the market and from our clients, we can conclude that companies which do business between the EU and the UK are now confronted with many difficulties which they were not aware of at the beginning of the year. These are mainly VAT issues, but also difficulties with withholding tax, hiring employees or commercial agreements - says Izabela Kuśmierz-Latała, Crowe CEO for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for a portal

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