We encourage our staff to find what’s right for their career. Our working culture supports exploring their skills and potential.


Why Crowe as an Employer?

At Crowe we don’t impose career paths on our people. Staff can choose their own way and as they change their goals they may want to take a different course. We support, encourage and train our people so they can realise their goals. Important to us is where our professionals want to be and what they want to achieve.

We also don’t box people as "hard skills" people vs. "soft skills" people. We like people to have both sets of skills and to be rounded professionals who can work with any kind of challenge and deliver extraordinary value to Clients and the business community. We are involved in numerous chambers and organisations which will give you early exposure to valuable business and personal development contacts.

We are wholeheartedly behind our people developing their own public profile as members of our team – many of our people are regular contributors not only to social media but even to the best business newspapers and publications in the country and we help to make this possible. Everything to give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re a leading, well-known expert in your chosen field.

We will help you become the best you can imagine yourself being, and then take you even further.
We Are Looking For You  

Just meeting client’s expectations is not sufficient; exceeding them is what we expect from our staff. We look for people driven by enthusiasm and energy to whom strong client relationships are of significance. We look for people with strong academic track records and professional experience. Nevertheless, our people’s education and qualifications are not more important than their personality, character, passion or individuality, which add value to what they do.
Candidates with the required qualifications, a highly ethical and service oriented character and a genuine interest in this kind of work are encouraged to send in their CV’s and letters of application.