4 reasons to switch to NetSuite for your staffing solution

Bhavna Agarwal, Adnan Patel
| 6/13/2022
4 reasons to switch to NetSuite for your staffing solution

Staffing companies have a lot of moving parts to navigate – concerning both people and processes.

With so many jobs to fill, hours to track, invoices to send and receive, and unique billing challenges to tackle, it can be hard to stay ahead – especially if you’re doing it all by hand.

Staffing CFOs rely on accurate data and reporting to make critical decisions for their staffing agency.

Maybe a better staffing solution exists that can help your agency automate, improve efficiency, and grow your bottom line – but where do you begin? Transition can seem daunting, but the risks you face by not adopting a better staffing solution are even scarier.

  • Outdated data can lead to inaccurate decision-making.
  • Unclear insights into cash flow can inhibit growth.
  • Siloed systems might continue to cause employee frustration and disunity.
  • Hiring to sustain growth can be expensive.
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Transitioning to an automated staffing solution could transform your business

A lot of businesses are using staffing solutions to automate and streamline their processes. When a business moves to a cloud-based staffing solution, all of its information can be available in real time, and employees can spend time on more impactful tasks.

Transitions like this don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. The trusted team of specialists at Crowe has a wide range of knowledge and experience and is here to help you along the way.

When it comes to implementing NetSuite for a staffing company, Crowe can provide the expertise to help grow your business.

Here are four reasons CFOs are transitioning to NetSuite for staffing solutions.

1. Revamps team efficiency and collaboration

Within NetSuite, it’s easier for teams to collaborate seamlessly with the enhanced efficiency of one simplified system. Automation frees employees to focus on higher-value initiatives.

A comprehensive view of projects allows CFOs to understand how much time and money employees are spending on each project, and it enables teams to address roadblocks in real time.

2. Enables more confident decision-making

Accurate and timely reporting is crucial for decision-making for the company. NetSuite allows access to real-time reporting to help simplify everyday decisions and meet compliance.

Data doesn’t have to be a mystery. Access to the NetSuite dashboard lets teams keep tabs on profitability – anytime, anywhere.

3. Improves cash flow management

As your business continues to grow, NetSuite allows your team to keep track of all processes in one location with automatic multi-entity and multicurrency management – eliminating expensive, redundant work and lowering the risk of human error.

Automated invoicing and billing mean that your team can stay on top of paying vendors and getting paid on time, saving countless hours spent on manual processes.

4. Creates a better customer experience

Knowing that your sales and account management teams are on the same page offers peace of mind. A unified system allows teams to view all the details of sales contracts to make sure customer follow-up is timely and billing is accurate.

Automated status updates can be sent whenever a new payment or billing activity occurs. Flexible rules within the staffing solution allow teams to tailor the customer experience every time.

We can help you set up NetSuite specifically for wholesale distribution.

Crowe has already developed several solutions within NetSuite to address the challenges and barriers to growth for our wholesale distributor clients. We can do it for you, too, in less time than you might expect.

NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

Launch your team into next-level productivity

It can be frustrating to deal with tight margins in a staffing business.

That’s why we created Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite – a cloud-based staffing solution that can propel businesses with simplified operational and financial processes, real-time reporting, and a central platform that unifies an entire staffing company.

This means companies can scale and not worry about replacing legacy software, hiring more internal employees, or losing sight of cash flow.

Questions? Send us a message today and we’ll help you get started.

Interested in learning more about a NetSuite staffing solution?

Contact us to hear about what it might look like to have a Crowe consultant implement your NetSuite ERP.
Bhavna Agarwal
Bhavna Agarwal
Principal, Consulting
Adnan Patel
Adnan Patel
Principal, Oracle NetSuite Leader