3 key takeaways from SuiteWorld 2021

Adnan Patel
| 11/12/2021
3 Important Things to Take Away from SuiteWorld 2021

COVID-19 unexpectedly stopped the world in its tracks, but your business doesn’t have time to slow down.

The needs of your customers have completely shifted, and the only option you have is to pivot to meet their needs.

After a full year of cancellations, key players in the NetSuite landscape finally had the opportunity to come together at the SuiteWorld 2021 conference to discuss this crucial pivot. Here are some of our biggest takeaways.

The customer experience has never been more important.

In a time of such uncertainty, it can feel stressful to figure out what your customers want. But one thing’s for sure – customers are demanding a better experience than ever before. That’s why successful businesses, especially in retail, have learned where their customers are shopping and have created customized multichannel touch plans for each of them.

SuiteWorld 2021 highlighted one of the biggest customer experience trends right now – an omnichannel sales approach. That means your products or services need to be accessible in all kinds of ways to appeal to a variety of people – whether they’re physically in a store, or shopping from their phone or laptop.

With the world in its current state, there’s one thing that all customers are craving: human connection. That’s why people buy from brands that cater to them and prioritize their needs.

So how can you stay ahead of your customers' expectations? Alternatively, you might be wondering, how do we keep from falling behind other businesses?

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Pivoting your business doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.

After serving as a trusted technology consultant for hundreds of clients, we know how helpful NetSuite can be for your business – especially during COVID-19.

Imagine being able to connect with your customers through multiple channels, having FULL data visibility, all while meeting your internal and external goals. It’s possible with NetSuite – that is, if you know how.

The good news is we were able to attend the superhero-themed SuiteWorld 2021 keynote to keep up with all the ways we can help our clients continue “powering up” their operations.

Here are three business superpowers NetSuite will be offering soon to make your life a lot easier:

1. Make financial reporting less labor-intensive

Your finance team has a very demanding job. They’re the ones behind the scenes managing and forecasting company financials – making sure cash is being accessed in the most sustainable way.

Financial reconciliation is just one of their many responsibilities, but it’s taking way too long. The process is heavily manual and takes a lot of manpower. Even with good quality assurance, human error can still be a factor.

Fortunately, NetSuite helps you automate this process and make it way less painstaking.

NetSuite SuiteBanking can let you take the guessing out of reporting and reconciliation. All processes can be automated, meaning less time spent sifting through data and more time focusing on financial planning and goals.

The aim is to remove many of the laborious tasks, giving you more of an opportunity to connect with your customers.

2. Easily visualize data for budgeting and forecasting

Finance, sales, and IT are combing through tons of accounting and transaction data in a day. They are spending hours trying to manually analyze this data, but may still be missing pertinent information they need in order to provide useful input on budgets and forecasts – especially in a timely manner.

Their main job is to interpret data to help solve problems, but they’re continually being held back by inefficiencies. When the main goal is to keep the budgeting process fast and agile to be able to respond to quickly-changing business decisions, complete and accurate data is a necessity.

The business intelligence (BI) tool with NetSuite will automate all processes that were once manual, allowing analysts to make decisions from complete data reports – no longer needing to worry about not having enough detail. Better decision-making will lead to happy, loyal customers.

3. Customize personal touch points

Customer touch plans are crucial for connecting with all of your customers. Currently your marketing analysts and account managers could be accessing customer data from many different locations.

Disconnected data only makes it tougher and more time-consuming for them to get to know your customers, analyze data, and create customized touch points to make sure you are selling to each one in the correct manner.

Not having this data all in one place can make it impossible to implement an omnichannel approach, leading to unhappy customers and an unfulfilled marketing team.

NetSuite is making updates to the customer 360 dashboard so that all data can be accessible in one place and it’ll be much simpler to visualize different customer groups and how to best meet their needs – leading to increased revenue opportunities.

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NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

Think about how much easier it could be to connect with your customers.

Adapting your business can seem overwhelming. But when you invest in technology that can simplify your current processes, you can focus on actually getting to know your customers and understanding their unique needs – connecting with them on a human level.

Want to move on any of these powerful new trends from SuiteWorld 2021?

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