Maximize your 2024 manufacturing investments with PE trends

Andrea M. Meinardi, John Kurkowski
Maximize your 2024 manufacturing investments with PE trends

Get an in-depth look at dealmaking PE trends across the manufacturing sector, with a spotlight on the automotive industry – featuring PitchBook data. 

The past year produced serious challenges for manufacturers and private equity (PE) investors alike, as economic headwinds applied more pressure on both deal and exit flow in 2023. Moving into 2024, expectations of interest rate reductions and normalized global supply chains mean some investors are approaching the new year with cautious optimism.

In the automotive space, manufacturers must contend with future strategies as the surge of funding for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles has waned, while also managing the adoption of new labor rulings.

In this report, our private equity specialists offer their insights on industry trends and market outlook, along with an exclusive Q&A. Plus, the report features data from PitchBook, offering powerful research and unmatched insights built on best-in-class data.

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Andrea M. Meinardi
Managing Partner, Manufacturing, Office Managing Partner, Nashville
John Kurkowski
John Kurkowski
Managing Partner, Private Equity