Organizational operations are the key to public sector performance. 

Are you looking to meet current and future obligations? Increase transparency? Implement a new mandate? Crowe can help your public sector organization do all this and more. 

Whatever drives your need – or even if you’re just looking to avoid problems before they happen - our experienced professionals will analyze your current operations and lead you on your desired path. 

Need a lifeline?

The Crowe Government Guide is an on-demand consulting subscription for the public sector providing access to a wide menu of benefits to meet your unique needs - whenever you need it.

Ask the right questions for your public sector organization.

To figure out your organizational operations, you have to ask the right questions, to the right people.

That includes talking to your own people and understanding stakeholder needs. But it also means asking external sources to obtain benchmarking and best practices from other organizations. 

Our public sector professionals know what to ask, who to ask, and where to turn for insights.

Spot issues before they make headlines.

No one likes unpleasant surprises.

Crowe can help you forsee issues by performing an organizational operations health check.

Our experienced public sector teams can help you:  

  • Measure your agency’s performance against recognized standards and best practices 
  • Benchmark against other comparable organizations 
  • Interview department heads, employees, and other stakeholders with first-hand knowledge 
  • Analyze data to help you spot what’s going well, and where there’s room for improvement 

Shut down the source of the problem within your public sector organization.

Many times the issue you’re trying to address is only a symptom of something much bigger.

We can help you pinpoint potentially hidden issues and challenges. 

Our experienced public sector teams will then help you track down the root causes so you can address them effectively.

Before you move forward, know your options.

It’s not enough to just identify issues within your public sector organization, you also need a path forward.

We know how to identify the opportunities that can help you correct problems or improve organizational operations.

Plus, we’ll give you a credible idea of the impact each improvement could have, so you can decide where to get started.

Create the best kind of plan — one that works.

At Crowe, our public sector teams have an implementation mindset.

We brainstorm and propose recommendations you can actually run with. 

We’ll work with you to develop a roadmap to help you stay on track, and offer examples of other public sector organizations who’ve succeeded in similar efforts.

Explore the benefits of a fresh approach.

Improving operational efficiency is not the only way to improve performance.

Sometimes the best results come out of a whole new approach.

This could be finding new service delivery options or opportunities for public/private partnerships.

Our experienced public sector teams will help you explore various alternatives and figure out which ones make the most sense for you.

Work with us

A lot of years. Crowe has been working with public sector organizations for decades now. 

A lot of understanding. We have the experience and background to help you get things done. 

Our clients include federal and numerous state and local governments, and other agencies of all types and sizes. 

A lot of skills:

  • Program specialists
  • Technology specialists
  • Former administrators
  • Former elected officials

All of us are focused on moving quickly in a non-confrontational way to get results, address your concerns, and make a lasting difference in your organizational operations.

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
Federal government
State & local government
The Crowe team has hundreds of consulting projects under its belt in every facet of state and local government – so you can rest assured, no matter your need, we have you covered.
Federal government
Crowe understands federal government. We also understand the relationships and processes of how your work touches states, grantees, and constituents. Whether you need help with grants, audits, risk management, or process improvement, our insight allows us to be more effective in providing those services.

Work with not-for-profit professionals who understand your mission, share your commitment, and know how to help you get things done.


Crowe helps educational institutions of all types and sizes deal with today's difficult challenges. Whether it's funding needs, safety concerns, regulatory questions, technology, or fiscal challenges, we can help you so you can focus on serving your students and communities.