Our approach to ERP financial systems in the public sector

The right ERP solution will transform your organization.

It will increase your productivity.

It will help you make better decisions.

It will give you extraordinary insights into your operations.

Trade clutter for clarity.

You know that outdated technology holds you back.

We know how cumbersome it is when everybody’s operating from their own isolated data or using “shadow” systems to work around your system’s shortcomings.

Imagine everyone operating with the same, up-to-date financial information.

This means efficiency. This means speed. This means visibility into connections you’ve never seen before.

Connect with your constituents.

You know that outdated financial and operational systems make it tough to share meaningful information with constituents.

A cloud-based ERP financial system offers an infrastructure that will deliver a better experience for all.

Imagine public access to information they’re entitled to know. And in a way that fosters confidence and trust.

Think like a business. Focus on what matters.

Implementing a financial ERP solution will not only give you new functionality you're missing out on, it will also become the trigger for redesigning outdated business processes.

That's why implementing a financial ERP solution is as much organizational change as it is system implementation. We’ll work with your staff to understand your current processes and figure out everything they need and should be doing.

All along the journey, we’ll offer the insights we’ve gained from hundreds of other public sector projects.

Lay a solid foundation — one that supports flexibility.

We’ve extended the already robust Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle NetSuite cloud-based platforms to provide financial ERP solutions that are tailored specifically to the public sector, with 24/7 access from all types of devices.

Imagine greater efficiency, reliable security, and huge data storage capacity, all at your fingertips.

These platforms are powerful. These platforms are flexible. So when you’re ready to add new capabilities like predictive analytics or advanced business intelligence, the platform’s in place to do it.

And because these ERP financial systems work seamlessly with other technologies — for example, Microsoft Dynamics with Microsoft Desktop and Microsoft Office Suite — they're less complicated for your IT team to manage and upgrade.

Ready-built financial ERP systems for the public sector.

State and local government
Specifically tailored to state and local government needs
State and local government

We started with the stability, security, and robust functionality of existing financial ERP systems - Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle NetSuite. Then we layered in enhanced features specifically tailored to state and local government needs.

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Extends the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 even further 

Our solution for transportation extends the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 even further. It has enhanced features that were designed specifically for the unique needs of transportation authorities. 

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Lease Accounting Optimizer
No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds 
Lease Accounting Optimizer

No more struggling with manual spreadsheet workarounds. This application manages leases in a way that complies with the new regulations in GASB Statement No. 87.

It automates key processes including lease modifications, and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Oracle NetSuite so you can report and transact all your leases in one place. Our solution also can standalone. Whether you’re the lessee or lessor, you can be confident you’re in compliance. 

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Financial Book Builder
Streamline how you build the financial reporting you need to produce  
Financial Book Builder
We understand compiling your annual financial reports each year is time consuming.   With our Financial Book Builder you can streamline how you build your final Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), your Budget Book, and any other financial reporting you need to produce.  

Multiple people can work together to build the final reports with financial schedules, text, graphs, charts and imagery.   And the application will integrate with the financial schedules you produce in your ERP solution – so you don’t have to duplicate any of your existing work.
Be confident.
Simple, clear, and coordinated dashboards that give everyone a single point of view 
Be confident.
Our financial ERP systems feature simple, clear, and coordinated dashboards that give everyone a single point of view - so you can answer questions quickly and with confidence.
Be public.
See what needs to be delivered, documented, and reported
Be public.
Our financial ERP systems also use a controlled public-facing portal so you can see what needs to be delivered, documented, and reported.
Always be buttoned-up.
Store documentation securely over time, so everything stays up to date
Always be buttoned-up.
Plus our financial erp systems let you store documentation securely over time, so everything stays up to date, even when administration changes.

Work with us

The Crowe approach is a better way of working. 

1. Coordination

We take a coordinated approach centered around our customer needs.

2. Empathy

We focus first on understanding your concerns, embracing your goals, and getting to the root of your challenges.

3. Experience

And we layer in our experience from other organizations like yours, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

A lot of years. Crowe has been delivering successful financial ERP solutions for more than 30 years now.

Nothing but success. We know that ERP implementation can be complicated, but we’ve got a track record of success with ERP projects for public sector agencies of many types and sizes, including large city and county governments.

Getting it done. Our consulting teams have great technical strengths, but they’re also energetic, engaging, and know how to work with people to get things done. 

Public sector areas we serve

State & local government
Federal government