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Focus on your mission while balancing the business of higher education

Institutions of higher learning contend with unique operational challenges. Insufficient risk and financial foresight can stymie your mission and even threaten your reputation. With more than 25 years helping clients overcome these challenges, Crowe offers specialized audit, tax, and risk services for higher education.

Crowe understands the challenges of the higher education industry

Crowe higher education specialists work with more than 170 institutions across the country to help them tackle:

  • Reduced endowment spending draws and the effect on scholarships
  • More competition for qualified students
  • Soaring operating expenses
  • Stringent debt covenant compliance requirements
  • Compliance with U.S. Department of Education composite scoring

Engage specialized audit services for education

Crowe education audit specialists have extensive experience with:

  • Financial and A-133 audits
  • Grant compliance audits
  • Endowment compliance
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Pete Ugo
Partner, Higher Education/Not-For-Profit Services Leader