Gain improved knowledge of your pharmacy operations

Challenges with opioid stewardship, data visibility, a changing regulatory landscape, and 340B Program compliance don't have to hold you back. 

Managing the demands of your pharmacy can feel overwhelming for even the most robust program. Leveraging decades of experience from our pharmacy consulting team, we can help you overcome these challenges to assist your program in reaching its full potential.

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The resources you need to solve your most pressing challenges

There’s more work involved with running a pharmacy than just dispensing medication. Inspections, audits, budget optimization, and more influence the work you can do and the ways you can get it done. Explore how we can match your specific needs with the right services.

Strengthen your DEA inspection readiness

Compliance requirements from the DEA and state boards of pharmacy for controlled substance programs are complex and continually evolving, making it difficult to ensure your systems adhere to all relevant standards.

Proactive planning as part of your DEA inspection readiness starts with a full-circle review of your processes. Important steps, such as identifying diversion gaps in your controlled substance drug cycle, can help manage risk and further build your program’s internal controls.

Reliable preparation helps mitigate DEA surprises and time on-site so you can focus on the priorities that matter most.

Manage risk and maximize the value of your 340B Program

Savings from an effective 340B Program can have transformative effects on your systems and the services you provide to patients and communities. Knowing how to stretch precious resources and foster proactive compliance is not an easy lift.

Wherever you are in your journey – first-time program implementation, routine internal review for HRSA audit readiness, or consulting to improve efficiency and compliance – our team of specialists can help build a 340B system tailored to your needs.

Enhance your 340B Program

Implement opioid stewardship with Crowe OpioidRx technology 

The opioid epidemic is a constant challenge for hospitals, healthcare systems, and physicians who struggle to deal with its impact.

We created a new software system, Crowe OpioidRx, as a resource that helps you monitor opioid prescription trends, compare patterns against regulations and national averages, and improve communication between practices in your network. This allows you to work more closely with your prescribers to deliver a better quality of care while helping to reduce opioid use disorders in the communities you serve.

Improve efficiency with full-circle pharmacy consulting

Handling the operational demands of a pharmacy – medication safety, revenue optimization, program data analysis, and more – requires a lot of hands-on work.

We look for opportunities to refine your processes, empower your people, and improve your technology to cut down time spent on administrative projects. Our pharmacy consulting team can help you make progress on big-picture goals that can benefit your pharmacy and the healthcare networks and communities that count on you.

Comprehensive pharmacy consulting services and technology solutions, backed by industry experience

We understand the work involved with compliance, audit preparation, and effective drug stewardship. Creating solutions and approaches tailored to specific needs, no matter how big or complex, isn’t just what we do. It’s what we’re passionate about.

No matter the size or complexity of your needs, we’re ready to provide the resources you require to make the most of your systems.

Let’s talk about what our pharmacy consulting team can do for you.