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Don’t let hidden risks blindside your deal.

In times of economic uncertainty, most core loan systems don’t provide the granular information necessary to fully understand the risks involved in buying a financial services company.

The Crowe Credit360 for M&A credit risk management solution helps increase transparency and confidence by providing a holistic view of a transaction's full spectrum of risk.

Go into every transaction with eyes wide open.

Crowe Credit360 for M&A helps buyers, sellers, bankers, and brokers quickly gain consensus on the transaction’s credit risks and opportunities, leading to faster, better bids, and more successful transactions.

The granular data required to make major decisions.

By analyzing portfolios at the loan level, we help stakeholders identify, value, and isolate risks based on factors such as the target portfolio’s product concentration, geographic footprint, and interest rate and structural exposure.

This information can be overlaid on potential acquirers’ portfolios to better envision a combined entity and effectively plan for integration.

Clarity leads to confidence — in you and the deal.

The deep insights within our platform helps reduce complexity. The result? Better communication between stakeholders and their respective boards about the portfolio’s potential performance and financial implications, including more realistic deal projections and deal metrics..

Technology that moves as fast as M&As.

Assessing portfolio risks and opportunities doesn’t have to be stressful. Our proprietary process streamlines credit analysis, due diligence, and impact assessment, helping transactions go from bid to close faster than ever.

Credit risk management software that empowers you to show off your expertise.

Our deep accounting and valuation experience serving financial services companies helps you get the most out of features like these.

Powerful analytics and modeling tools

Powerful analytics and modeling tools

Exercise control over your credit risk projections by running simultaneous scenarios with different interest rate forecasts, loss severity, and prepayment expectations.

Create financial depictions that better educate the board, regulators, and investors about the portfolio’s potential performance.

Powerful analytics and modeling tools

Pro forma CECL and incurred loss analysis

Pro forma CECL and incurred loss analysis

Quickly understand how CECL or incurred loss provisioning will impact the transaction. Get a clear and accurate look at the effect loan discounts and future earnings may have on reserve requirements.

Pro forma CECL and incurred loss analysis

Advanced credit risk and sensitivity testing

Advanced credit risk and sensitivity testing

See the full spectrum of risk now and in the future with sensitivity testing based on actual loss data points generated during due diligence. With Crowe Credit360 for M&A, you get instant clarity into the quality of the target’s balance sheet to make smarter earning projections based on the target’s capital base and equity.

Advanced credit risk and sensitivity testing

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Tackle financial due diligence with a credit risk management solution built specifically for financial services companies. With Crowe Credit360 for M&A, you get the benefit of technology and Crowe expertise all in one.