Returning to Ireland - How to apply for tax credits - Crowe Ireland

Returning to Ireland – How to apply for tax credits

Here's what you need to know about returning to Ireland.

Returning to Ireland - How to apply for tax credits - Crowe Ireland
Tax is always a major concern for ex-pats thinking of returning to Ireland. In a special holiday season series, our tax department are sharing some of the common questions that we are frequently asked from people who are looking to return home.
Question: I’m planning on returning to Ireland and taking up employment. I have been away for a number of years. How do I apply for tax credits?
When you return to Ireland, you will need to register your new job with Revenue. This is now done through a new system called MyAccount which will allow you to add your new job and apply for a tax credit certificate.
In order to use MyAccount, you will firstly need to register with Revenue as a new user. On completion of the online registration, Revenue will issue you with a temporary password. On receipt of your password you should firstly log into MyAccount at which time you will be prompted to change your password. You can then register your new job and apply for your tax credit certificate.
We recommend doing this as early as possible to avoid your employment income being subject to emergency tax.
If you have any questions about returning to Ireland or any other personal tax issues, please contact a member of our tax team.

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