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 Tax services
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Cross-border relocation of employees and overseas employment is becoming commonplace because of the growing internationalization of companies. In the conception and implementation of relocation, particular care has to be taken by the company sending the employee, the employee being sent and the company to which the employee is being sent. Every relocation calls for a balanced consideration of all interests and careful consideration of the legal possibilities to reduce tax and social related duties.

We at Crowe will advise you on:

  • Contractual forms of the secondment arrangement (e.g. employment agreement, assignment agreement)
  • Labor law
  • Taxes
  • Social security contributions (pension insurance contributions, health insurance contributions, etc.)
  • Registration with the authorities and work permit


 Tax services
Tax Advisory

Tax services

Tax legislation is another area subject to constant change. To maintain an overview of the state of affairs, it is crucial to have a competent partner that would optimize your business in tax matters and support you in the adherence to current laws.

Our experts will develop the best tax solutions for you in the following areas:

  • Advice in all tax-related matters 
  • Preparation of tax returns 
  • Support with tax audits
  • Examination of tax assessments
  • Advice regarding choice of legal form 
  • Correspondence with tax authorities 
  • Tax forecasts and planning

We can also support you in the following Tax Related Special Issues:

  • Expert opinions and advice on issues related to taxes and duties 
  • Detailed responses to questions on international tax law 
  • Review of contracts from a tax and duties perspective 
  • Clarification of specific issues related to the determination of profits 
  • Comparisons of tax burdens and optimization 
  • Tax advisory for subsidiaries of foreign companies 
  • Withholding tax refunds for foreign companies and individuals 
  • Participation in audits and final audit meetings 
  • Tax advisory on the establishment and liquidation of companies 
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Due Diligence

The purchase or sale of a company or part therof is a business decision carrying great possibilities, as well as great risks.

Due Diligence (DD) denotes the careful attention with which the subject of an acquisition or a public offering will be investigated when companies, participations in companies, real estate or public offerings, are to be bought or sold.

Due Diligence examinations assess the strengths and weaknesses of the object, as well as the risks connected with a purchase or public offering. A careful analysis and evaluation of the target company will become increasingly important as information asymmetries between seller and buyer have to be broken down, chances and risks of the target company have to be correctly evaluated and deal breakers have to be identified well in advance.

We have the following on offer where company transactions are concerned:

  • Tax-optimised solutions to company transactions, both from the perspective of seller and buyer 
  • Tax-optimised financing 
  • Tax due diligence Post-acquisition tax structuring 
  • Tax optimised restructuring 
  • Minimisation of transactions costs
  • Realisation of losses brought forward 
  • Support during negotiations 
VAT structuring

VAT Compliance and VAT Structuring (National & International)

Although EU member countries are obliged to apply VAT Directive, they are free to choose their own policy in terms of e.g. VAT registration, interpretation of certain transactions, tax reliefs and prevention of tax evasion. Croatia being the last EU country to join, adopted its own VAT policies and procedures. You will benefit from our expertise in both EU and Croatian VAT matters. In the international business, VAT can quickly become a cost trap. Only through efficient management of VAT aspects of cross-border business VAT risks can be avoided, administrative costs minimized, and under certain conditions, competitive advantages can be gained.Our experienced VAT experts will support you in managing your international VAT risks within and outside Europe.

Our experts will develop the best tax solutions for you by offering:

  • VAT registration and obtaining VAT ID number
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Practice-oriented VAT review of international business transactions 
  • VAT Quick Check 
  • VAT services covering all industries
  • Support in triangular trade transactions, mail-order business, international shipping, charter and transport 
  • VAT support in domestic and foreign VAT audits 
Transfer Pricing
Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

Intercompany transactions that cross multiple tax jurisdictions can create challenges for any organisation. To fully understand the increasingly complex tax implications such transactions, many companies seek a specialised tax consultant to help them address the multifaceted transfer pricing challenges that accompany intercompany trade. Tax authorities focus on review of intercompany transaction as the major source of decrease of tax payable to the state and local authority’s budgets.

Our transfer pricing professionals are supported by highly educated economists to provide insights into the intricacies of transfer pricing analyses as well as guidance on tax transactions.

Our transfer pricing services include:

  • Evaluation of current transfer pricing policies and documentation
  • Preparation of local transfer pricing documentation as well as master transfer pricing files
  • Planning efficient and effective transfer pricing policies
  • Evaluation of the impact of new and/or proposed transfer pricing regulations
  • Setting global pricing structures for new intercompany transactions
  • Preparation and evaluation of the Cost-Sharing Agreements
  • Preparation of Advanced Pricing Agreements (APA)
  • Evaluation and provision of suggested language for intercompany agreements
  • Guidance for accounting systems to effectively manage transfer pricing policies
  • Preparation of economic analyses for litigation or tax audit defense
  • Participation in negotiations with the tax authorities
  • Assist companies adopt recommendations of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'s Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) Initiative

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