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CFO Consultancy & Interim Management

In your role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) you have to make decisions, the bases of which can often not be considered in isolation due to the fact that a multiplicity of complex, interdependent factors and challenges impede the problem-solving process.
In order to improve your efficiency in the fulfillment of your financial position and to meet the compliance requirements of your company, we can offer you the following services with an integrated consulting approach:

  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Planning Analysis & Reporting
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cost Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Financial Service Center: (Payroll) Accounting, Treasury, IT-Support and Documentation Management, Tax Compliance

Interim management is a temporary form of business management. Interim managers assume individual responsibility for their work in a line position and leave the company as soon as the problem is solved and a new stable corporate or divisional management has been established.

We can offer you the following services for this transitional situation:

  • Business Management
  • Re-organisation
  • Restructuring
  • Preparation of the Corporate Successor
  • Project Management

Feasibility Study
Feasibility study

Feasibility Study

Conducting feasibility studies is a process that justifies financing a certain project. In other words, it is the starting point for making a decision about realization of the project. The feasibility study is a written document that, in addition to the detailed descriptions of business plans and the method of financing the project, also contains market data (needs, capacities, prices, competition), capital investments data and their technical characteristics. The study also includes calculations of financial performance of the project and simulation of these parameters' sensitivity to changes in key input settings.
Main parts of feasibility studies are usually: 

  • Purpose and scope of the document 
  • Current operations
  • Project description 
  • Description of product or service that is the result of project implementation 
  • Market analysis
  • Sales channels analysis 
  • Working force requirements
  • Projection of operations
  • Financial indicators 
  •  Model sensitivity testing 
  • Summary/conclusion
Financial Due Diligence
Financial Due Dilligence

Financial Due Diligence

The term „Due Diligence“ describes the careful, systematic and detailed investigation, examination and analysis of the data of an investment, take-over or merger candidate or the disclosure of information by the target object itself. Due Diligence extends far beyond the formal audit of, for example, the annual financial statements or the trading books.

Our support includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of the financial situation
  • Valuation of important accounting documents in terms of assessment changes and accounting changes
  • Examination of contracts concluded with customers, suppliers and employees with a view to their effect on the assets, finances and revenue of the target company
  • Derivation of purchase price relevant results e.g. EBITDA or EBIT
  • Analysis of the sales revenues and margins according to company sectors
  • Examination of existing financial forecasts and establishment of alternatives
  • Audit of the mathematical accuracy of the integrated planning

Further services:

  • Determination of possible deal breakers
  • Analysis of the company to identify important value drivers and the decisive success and risk factors
  • Advice on the form of the deal (acquisition structuring)
  • Valuation of the target
  • Support in the establishment and negotiation of the purchase price

In addition to Financial Due Diligence is Tax Due Diligence of great significance in relation to the acquisition of a company.

Financial Restructuring
Financial restructuring

Finacial Restructuring

Corporate crises happen. The causes can be market-driven changes (e.g. slump in sales, competitors, technological change), company-internal changes (e.g. controlling, cash-flow, creditworthiness, equity capital, management, transparency) and macro-economic changes (economic situation, regulations, laws, State intervention). By means of suitable reorganization strategies, the value of the commitment for all interest groups should increase.

Our Services:  

  • Status Quo Analyses, Short and Medium-Term Liquidity Needs
  • (Strategic) Business Reviews
  • Compilation of, and Independent Examination of, Re organisation Concepts
  • Analysis of Crisis Factors and Proposals to Improve Operative Performance
  • Compilation of Plan Scenarios using Simulation Models• Prognoses regarding Continued Operation
  • Economic Support in Restructuring Measures, including Controlling of Measures
  • Search for an Investor (Finance Investor, Strategic Investor) to Secure Long-Term Continued Business
  • Support in Financing Questions and Bank Negotiations
Merger & Acquisitions
Merger and Acquistions

Merger & Acquisitions

The expansion of a company, a strategic reorientation or a re-organisation: in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) there are opportunities for companies of every size and in every sector to increase in value. These corporate challenges, however, can also be accompanied by significant risks for a company and its decision-makers. Due to the fact that such purchase and sales transactions are not part of the everyday business of a company, we recommend seeking the assistance of our experts.
Our philosophy of combined consulting offers the ideal basis for the services we provide within the framework of financing solutions by means of the networking of experts from diverse specialized areas, markets and the connection with tax and other experts.

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive Support in Transaction Projects, Preparation and Execution of the Complete M&A Processes
  • Evaluation of Business Plans, Preparation of all Materials relating to Offers and Information Memorandum
  • Support in the Search for Purchaser/Seller
  • Preparation of and Support in Negotiations with Investors
  • Assessments based on DCF and/or Comparable Models
  • Financial, Commercial, Market, Management, and Tax Due Diligence
  • Post-Merger Integration Management
Organisation & IT
Organisation and IT

Organisation & IT

The optimization of organisation concerns the value chain in the company from the client demands until their fulfillment. Here it is important to know the correct screws to turn and to co-ordinate these:

  • Business Strategy
  • Process Organisation
  • Structural Organisation
  • Interfaces
  • Organisation of IT Systems
  • Allocation of Resources (People)
  • Management Systems (Quality Management, Project Management, GRC, etc.)

The diverse information flows between functions and processes make the management of interfaces a central success factor for companies. We cover all levels of the organisation tasks by means of our integrated approach in an optimal manner – including the know-how for the general conditions of the organisation and this is our advantage over process and IT specialists.

Our Services:  

  • Organisational Design, Optimization of the Process and Operational Structure as well as the Interfaces
  • Establishment and Development of Management Systems (Quality Management, Process Management, Project Management, GRC, etc.)
  • Enterprise Governance over IT: IT-Strategy and Control
  • ERP & Business Intelligence: Requirement Analysis and Design
  • IT Risk Audits• Professional Project Management
Risk Management 

Risk Management

The objective of decision-oriented risk management is to identify, to analyse and to evaluate the entire risk position of a company. Not only is the transparency as regards the extent of the risk and possible deviations from plans thereby guaranteed, but also the planning certainty can be systematically controlled.
In addition to advice on ensuring the adherence to compliance regulations, we support our clients in preparing and establishing corporate management control systems, which brings together strategic management, operational planning and risk management.

Our Services:  

  • Strategic Review
  • Preparation and Further Development of Risk Management Systems
  • Advice as regards Risk Policy and Risk Culture
  • Establishment and Optimization of a Compliance Organisation and Internal Control Systems
  • Connection and Integration of Quantitative Risk and Controlling
  • Support in Preparing and Establishing Corporate Management Control Systems, which bring together Strategic Management, Operational Planning and Risk Management
Purchase Price Allocation

Purchase Price Allocation

EU Funds
EU funds

EU Funds

We offer the following services in the field of  EU Consulting, EU Subsidies Consulting and Technology Consulting:  

  • R&D, Technology and Innovation Consultancy; Project Management
  • Patent Valuations (e.g. as the basis for new financing)
  • Feasibility Studies for new high-tech companies, products, processes, etc.
  • Optimization of business and financial plans (incl. financing, subsidies)
  • Consultancy on subsidies for national and EU subsidies (e.g. establishing high-tech companies; investments; R&D-, environmental and energy projects, etc.)
  • Consultancy on subsidies for national and EU subsidies in all CEE States and all western European EU Member States
  • Subsidy feasibility studies, preparation and optimization of subsidy applications
  • Advice on „indirect subsidies“ in all EU Member States (by means of tax allowances, land, etc.)
  • EU lobbying and project management for complex EU projects
  • EU audits for companies, researchers, local authorities, associations, NGOs, etc.
  • Valuation of technologies, patents, licenses, technical projects
  • Advice in the search for and acquisition of patents, technologies, companies
  • Preparation of studies and EU consultancy for Ministries, agents, associations, local authorities, etc.

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