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Accounting & Payroll Services


Accounting Services

From handling day-to-day business to considering or planning a large transactions, accounting responsibilities of your organization, accurate and consistent financial accounting and compliance are essential for any business. Crowe provides accounting services and our professionals to supplement your in-house accounting resource.

 Accounting Controls and Services that we offer: 

  • Review and analysis of accounting records in accordance with companyˈs accounting policies and International and Croatian financial reporting standards
  • Control of tax records and timely payment of tax liabilities
  • Keeping business records: booking journal, general ledger, cash register, VAT books of incoming and outgoing invoices and control books
  • Registry management: keeping records of fixed assets register, accounts payables and accounts receivables, payroll analysis, analysis costs allocation and other records
  • Creation of accounting policies

Administrative and other services

  • Assistance with performing various administrative tasks such as preparation and execution of payment orders, preparation or assistance with the preparation of outgoing invoices, client contacts and receivables and payable reconciliation
  • Assistance with statutory accounts audit as well as tax, foreign exchange or any other inspection

Payroll Services 

Within payroll accounting, we can offer you individual advice on all matters related to income tax, health and social insurance and labor law. It is precisely this area which is subject to on-going changes and legal amendments. For this reason it is crucial to have a partner who is always up-to-date and who already knows today what new possibilities could arise tomorrow. Our clients are aware of the fact that we are more than able to meet the challenges in this field and that they can rely on our in-depth knowledge.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Monthly payroll accounting, including labor law and tax-related evaluation of travel expenses and time records, with all evaluations which are required by the employer, employee and local authorities
  • Specific consultancy services in the fields of labor law, health and social insurance law and tax issues (e.g. consideration of the optimal form of employment relationships, alternatives in the case of termination of employment relationships
  • Assistance with payroll and social contribution inspections by the Tax Authorities
  • Calculation of accruals for anniversary bonuses, severance payments, holiday, special payments, retirement and bonuses
  • Advising on the optimal structure of managing directorˈs remuneration in terms of tax and social insurance
  • Development of remuneration models with bonus systems
  • Payroll accounting - review




Group reporting

  • group reporting packages designed in accordance with group reporting policies
  • statutory accounts elaboration in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and/or Croatian Financial Reporting Standards (HSFI)
  • monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting at the request of the management including data on revenue and expense movements, cash flow  and capital changes

Reporting in accordance with legal regulations

  • compulsory financial and tax reports: monthly or quarterly VAT returns, annual Corporate profit tax return, balance sheet and profit and loss accountstatistical reports: quarterly and annual statistical reports for companies, non-profit organizations and financial institutions, as well as statistical reports prescribed for particular business industries
  • other reports required by law: reporting of international capital investments, reporting of international loans, INOK reports, other reports prescribed by the Croatian National Bank and other reports required by competent local authorities for particular business sectors


In order to successfully manage the company, you have to be correctly, fully and timely informed of your data and key figures. Only accurate data can make the one being able to identify possible weak spots and take the necessary measures – figures do not lie!

With professional controlling – specifically structured overview and analysis of all  your companyˈs data – is easy to accomplish.

Within the scope of our controlling services, we can assist you with the following planning and analysis in order to ensure the long-term success of your company:

  • Contribution accounting
  • Break-even analysis
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Multi-year plan
  • Cost planning
  • Target-performance comparison
  • Deviation analysis for products and services
  • Liquidity planning
  • Investment and profitability calculations

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